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Preschool with Bo Unit 7: Letter F & Moses

Welcome to Little Hands to Heaven Unit 7. This week we are on Letter F and learn about Young Moses in Egypt. We also start learning about the 10 plagues in this unit - just in time for the Spring Holy days of Passover and Unleavened Bread! We cover the final plague and Exodus in Unit 8.

See our preschool curriculum and plans and a detailed Week 1 to see more details on what we are doing.

~Bo is 3 years, 3 months~

Art Activity ~ Baby Moses

Baby Moses hidden in a basket behind the green grass. (I used this printable).

Bible and Math Activity

Building blocks symbolized the bricks the Israelites were forced to build for the Egyptians. It was also a good test of Bo's patience.

Letter Activity

"Baby in the basket

Float, float, float"

Bible Activity and Dramatic Play

Acting out the story and caring for baby (combination of Day 2 and Day 3 of the guide).

Letter Activity ~ Hide and Seek F

"Where's it hiding?"

Edible Moses Basket

This is not in the manual, but I've been trying to come up with an edible craft each unit. We made shredded wheat treats (like rice crispy treats, but with shredded wheat) to make a basket.

Bo "sweeping up the mess" with his hands.

Bo's Moses Basket

Bible Activity

Number 7 page for Bo's 1-10 Counting Book. 7 shoes symbolize when Moses took his shoes off on holy ground.

Bo is putting on some baby fat, or so it seems to me in those last two pics. He looks so sweet and chubby to me.♥

Burning Bush Craft

(Tissue paper on contact paper)

Bible Activity

The lesson was to make soap bubbles and then add food coloring to turn the Nile into "blood," so I waited for a sunny day and made a big tub of bubbles. I let them play with the clean bubbles before adding the red food coloring.

Then, I let them put their hands in it, and the color turned their skin red, so I quickly had them stop playing in it, which only helped with the object of the lesson, I suppose!