1st Day {August}

I slept in this Friday morning - until 8:20. Got up expecting to see my post for today in my inbox and it wasn't there. So I headed downstairs to see what was amiss and my post missed its schedule. (My site must have been down again.) So, I published my weekly required post for the Crew (a recent nature walk).

After checking email, messages, Crew forum, and took a phone call, I opened my little notebook.

Today is the first day of August, and I've wanted to do a 1st day post for a few months (since I first saw it on Journey to Josie). It's a day-in-the-life on the 1st day of each month. What I like about this is that the 1st could be any day of the week!

I started the little notebook after reviewing Flourish. The chapter on lists totally overwhelmed me, but I liked the idea of writing things down so that I can empty my brain. I'm totally intimidated by planners, organizers, et al, so I decided to start with a small notebook and just start writing in it. I bought a set of colored gel pens to make it fun.

I stick my little notebook and pens in a purse (I usually carry everything in a small tote, but I use a purse if I am shopping). And today we are shopping!

I also stick my make-up bag in just in case I changed my mind about not wearing any (planning to go to the pool today, so didn't want to hassle with the little I am wearing now).

I also grab my supplements to put in my tote bag.

The first one is my must have for balance. I just started on the methylfolate/methyl B12 and love how good I am feeling on it after just a few days. I am taking the Simplex F for adrenal fatigue/endocrine support (late nights, blogging, and stress taxes my adrenals). I am almost out and can't get it locally anymore, so I need a new adrenal support supplement.

I reboot the laundry and fold a load of little girl clothes that I washed to take to my sister for my two grand nieces (I am a great aunt!).

I pack a bag for the pool. Somewhere in here I shower and get dressed for the day.

I make a double batch of THM GGMS {Trim Healthy Mama Good Girl Moonshine} for the road. The kids drink it too, so I put theirs in a blender bottle to share. I make my usual with water, ice, lemon juice, Truvia, ginger, tumeric, and a splash of apple cider vinegar.

After a two hour drive (we eat lunch in the car), we stop at my sister's house. We visit a bit and meet her chickens. :) Love that she is enjoying them so much. (We really enjoy ours).

Afterwards, we stop at our newest favorite market.

We go there for pop and candy.

The Zevia is sugar free and natural (made with stevia) and I love it when I need a cola fix (caffeine free). And the bulk candy - all natural, GMO free, and no corn syrup. We get the orange slices, swedish fish, and sour gummy worms, and today we got a small amount of agave sweetened gummy bears to try (since they are more expensive we usually don't get them).

I also wanted orange slices because I hope to row My Big Green Pocketbook with Bo soon. I was hoping to take the kids on the city bus too, but I slept in and we left 2 hours later than I had planned. So no bus.

I thought the pool would be more fun. :)

We went to a new to us pool with water slides.

Bo was so sad that he was not tall enough to slide, but he was pretty happy to be able to splash and swim.

We just finished our 2nd (or 3rd?) session of swimming lessons this summer this week (each session is 3 weeks long), and Bo graduated to level II! Bo can float on his back by himself, but I couldn't get him to do it for me today.

The water in the big pool was cold, so Bo and I sunbathed while we waited for Luke and the kids to slide. I enjoyed the sun, warmth and extra vitamin D!

He must have been happy, because he gave me lots of kisses. ♥ #selfiewithBo

After swimming, we grab a pizza for Luke and the kids from Little Caesars. We get a hot-n-ready cheese pizza almost every time we go to the city. Luke always says, "You know what I feel like?" and I say "Little Caesars?" Because we get the same thing every single time, lol.

I can't eat it, and I usually don't, but I was so hungry that I ate the cheese off the top of a couple slices.

I run into Hobby Lobby and Target while Luke and the kids eat pizza. Elli wanted to run in with me and ended up with a cute outfit that I saw on clearance at Target because of it.

Next we stop at Natural Grocers for shampoo, body wash, toothpaste, and a treat for me! :)

Then we hit Costco for what we were hoping would be a "once a month shopping" trip. We spent our whole monthly budget to see if we could do it. (Knowing we might need a few things from the store locally).

That's Bo riding on the end of the cart. :) Our last stop was to buy muffins for Luke and the kids.

Back home 2 hours later, I have happy mail! I ordered a personal library kit for books that I loan out. :)

And I took a snapshot of my treat - herbal coffee.

I cannot have caffeine at all (even decaf will give me a buzz and a withdrawal headache), but I love coffee!! So, I bought some herbal coffee to try. I had the hazelnut this morning and I like it a LOT! Tastes just like Hazelnut coffee. And no kick! and no withdrawals.

All photos out and about were taken with my iPhone5. The others on my Rebel T1i.


  1. I'm do happy you linked up! I've loved your blog for years so it's a bit of a thrill to see you participate!

  2. Love seeing what you guys have been up to. Can't wait to read your 1st day post again next month :)

  3. I love this idea of sharing! So cool! You're such an inspiration:)

  4. LOVE your purse so cute. I love the prices of that soda wish we had those prices here. Hows the herbal coffee? I'm not a big coffee drinker maybe once in a blue moon. I'm a big tea drinker, love greens and white tea. The candy sounds really yummy and at least it's not as bad for you. I love gummy bears, and twizzler.

    It was my first link up also, can't wait to see your next months pictures

  5. The herbal coffee was really good! I'm an instant fan (though real coffee is not an option!). :) I love tea too! Off to check out your post!

  6. A busy and productive first day! Mine was sadly spent with another migraine, but I had a good 2nd day of August :) Your swimming pool looks so nice. We have nothing remotely close to us like that.

  7. Your picture makes GGMS look so good that I might break down and try it sometime. I've been a THM for about 9 months, but still haven't made any GGMS.

  8. What a fun first day you've had. Our Costco is closer than yours, but I still try to only make one trip a month with just a small trip to the grocery store in between for produce. It wears me out to take all of the little people out to the store more than once a month! :)

    So glad you've been able to enjoy such fun family outings this summer.

  9. Great photos! Thanks for sharing :)

  10. That was a fun post! It looks like you had a great day (very productive too!). I have wanted to do a first day journal as well- I think it is a great way to document every day life. I would imagine it would very cool to look back after a few years and see those moments captured.

  11. You sure pack a lot into your days Michelle! What a fun idea and great fun "spending the day" with you. I'm afraid my days aren't that action-packed, perhaps I could save up all my to-do list (I live by lists) for Sept. 1st, teehe. Have a great week my friend!

  12. What is the first of Sept.? Oh dear, it is a Monday. Mondays are not near as action-packed! I think that's what I like about the First Day for a DITL. Friday's are usually prep day or get-out-of-prep-day-shopping day! (and bringing back pizza for Sabbath meals!). I didn't really plan this day - it was the only day my husband could go with me so it worked out that way, but it was fun! :)