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My Blue Boat {B4FI♥AR}

~Bo is 3 years, 7 months~

This row was all that I hoped it would be, and my little Bo made it so much fun and worth all the energy I poured into him. We explored the color blue, read lots of books about dolphins and whales, made a lighthouse craft, had a fun snack, learned some new words, had some bathtub play, and more as we read My Blue Boat each day and made new memories.

All links to activities are at the bottom of my post!

My Blue Boat basket ready to go:

my blue boat

Planning for My Blue Boat:

Theme: Under the Sea

Bo was begging to start, so after we read My Blue Boat, we started by reading books for our theme: Under the Sea. I grabbed up all the books I could find that especially included dolphins and whales.

My Blue boat "dances with whales and plays tag with dolphins," so we focused on these two animals.

Bo asks, "Are dolphins fishes?"

Baby Beluga was a huge hit. He was so sad when I returned it to the library.

(App is ABC Aquarium)
Lighthouse Craft

"and drift back toward the beacon. . . "

My Blue Boat row at Delightful Learning

"and home."

Bo scribbled waves with a Mr. Sketch marker.

Then he added some ocean animal stickers and his lighthouse. (I had him lay the lighthouse on his page first, knowing he would not want to cover any of his stickers with it).

My Blue Boat row at Delightful Learning

Playing an ocean themed matching game.

FI♥AR Treat: Fish Jello

I found all natural, corn-syrup free Swedish fish at Lucky's. So excited - my kids had never had these before! I made blue jello with kosher gelatin and flavored it with lemon. This was my first time making homemade "jello" and I used too much gelatin, haha!

My Blue Boat row at Delightful Learning

Activities to keep Bo busy when he asks for "more My Blue Boat."

Which he did.

This is when I pulled out All About Reading Pre-reading to give Bo more school. Bless his heart, I couldn't give him "more My Blue Boat" today.

Since My Blue Boat's setting starts in a bathtub, we read bathtub poems this week! (I planned some bathtub fizzy fun for later in the week). :)

See more of what we did in my post here.

And "more school" has also included doing math with Mathletics. Read more about that in my review here.

Science: Things That Float and Things That Don't

I've done Float/Sink experiments with Bo twice now (one in our Tot School Letter D is for Duck and one in our Preschool lesson on Noah's Ark - this later has a video of Bo doing the float and sink and I can't believe that was 6 months ago. I need to do another video - he is talking so much better now!). This covered more float and sink concepts and Bo loved it.

I gathered everything I would need for the activities and had them ready to go. (Notice the Yellow Ball in the background!) :)

My Blue Boat row at Delightful Learning

After reading each page, we did the activities on that page. His first activity was to see if a penny floats or sinks.

Then he filled an empty water bottle about half way up with water to see if it would float.

Do apples float? Does a bar of soap?

Does a ball of aluminum foil float? What if we crunch it into a small ball so it has a greater density?

The crunched up ball of foil was supposed to sink. It did a little, but not like we expected it to, since it should have a greater density than the water. He thought it was cool to see it transformed and still float.

Does clay float? The ball of clay sunk, but we made a boat and then it floated! :)

Why does ice float?

Why do things float more in salt water?

This was a fun step up from a regular sink and float activity and lots of fun to do.

Blue Ice Boats

I had some ice boats frozen for Bo to play with in the water table.

Memory Making: Fizzy Bath Stars

For our bath tub fun for My Blue Boat, we did some of the Bath Time activities from page 121 in the B4 manual.

Bo and I also made fizzy bath stars. We used epsom salt, baking soda, citric acid, olive oil and lavender essential oil. After they were done fizzing, the bath water moisturizes your skin and feels so good.

"My blue boat dips under the moon as I look for stars."

My Blue Boat row at Delightful Learning

Swimming Fun

"I dance with whales, play tag with dolphins, and steer through storms."

I was really excited to row this during the summer to make some fun summer memories with Bo. So happy I did!

FI♥AR Quilt

I've been collecting fabric for a FIAR quilt for a couple years. I often can't find what I'm looking for locally, so I am making it a point to hit the fabric store when we make a trip to the city now when we shop. This last time, I found two designs that I love for My Blue Boat. I bought the lighthouse and sailboats on the left first, because it reminded me of the lighthouse in the book. Then I saw the one on the right and it reminded me of the busy harbor the blue boat sails through AND it has whales and dolphins! I think they are both perfect and I love that I found two, since this is the 2nd time I have rowed this book!

My Blue Boat row at Delightful Learning

Narration of My Blue Boat by Bo
"It dipped under the moon. Danced with whales and played tag with dolphins. And home." ♥

I was so super happy to get this much out of him, and I understood it all!

Delightful Links:

The parentheses are my notes for supplies. I often plan a row and add links to a post to save me time later!

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