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Shell Falls Nature Walk

They left their home of the summer's ease

Beneath the lowland sheltering trees,

To see by means unknown to all

The promise of the waterfall. ~Whittier

shell falls

We went on a nature walk at Shell Falls after a beautiful drive up the mountain.

We stopped at Sibley Lake so the kids could splash in the water. I sat in the sun warmed car because the windy day was too chilly for me. I enjoyed watching them play while I ate my turkey BLT on toasted sprouted bread.

Luke didn't mind stopping so I could photograph little pieces of Wyoming.

On our drive, we listened to Under Drake's Flag by G.A. Henty, a story about Sir Francis Drake (review coming in September).

Getting away like this once a week has been enjoyable and restful. It's been fun hitting up all of our favorite places to hike or walk and fun visiting a new place (Shell Falls). I have one or two more places I want to go for a family nature walk before summer is over. And when fall comes, I hope we take the time to do this all over again. The fall colors at some of our favorite places are worth another round.

I'm not quite ready for school to start! Thankfully, we have some time. I'm still putting the final touches on our curriculum for this fall, and I have lots to print and organize. When I am all done, I plan to share what we will be using. Next week, I will start working on posts to share what we have been doing with Before Five in a Row. I just really needed some blogging down time, but August is here and I am ready to get back in the groove! Well, at least a blogging more than once a week groove. :)