Pre-Reading with Bo {Letters C & D}

Just popping in to share an All About Reading Pre-reading update on Bo for letters C and D! (See my introduction on how I am using Pre-reading with Bo.)

Reviewing rhyming words from the week before:

Cutting pretend chocolate chips:

Coloring the letter C:

Gluing pretend chocolate chips to the cookie C:

Tip: I like using Rubber Cement for gluing. It dries clear, the excess can be rubbed off, and it doesn't wrinkle the paper like white glue can!

For our letter activity, we made Alphabet Slime Dough. (I bought more white glue to do this again soon!).

Bo is loving this sing and learn app (I can't remember the name, but will look tomorrow.) He pushes the letters to play the tune for each letter and sings along.

Finding the letter D:

Painting dog food for the dog with brown paint and a pencil eraser:

Tip: Bo is working right out of the activity book and so far it is working great. It helps to keep the pages all together and will make a fun memory book when he is all done. I just make sure the page is dry before I close it!

Playing memory match to find rhyming pairs:

Making a Cookie Dough C and D! I did this with Eliana too, when she did Pre-reading. :)

Simple and fun. Loving that these days!


  1. Love this!
    Have you put your 2014-2015 curriculum choices out yet for your children? I was really interested to see the path you would be taking this "school year".

  2. Hi Kristine! I haven't posted them yet, but hope to soon.Thanks for asking! (Motivation to get going on it is always a good thing!) :)