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September {Weeks 2 & 3}

Two weeks of delightful, but simple learning filled with good food, My Big Green Pocketbook, leaf rubbings in math class, Bo drawing the most adorable pictures of people, getting into a routine with our preschool morning board, having quiet times, gathering eggs, counting, enjoying our learning space, doing grammar, reading, writing, and math, reviewing Mathtacular and Fix-It Grammar, putting together my All About Reading Level 4 binder, playing soccer, climbing trees, spelling with tiles, coloring, homework, silliness, and gorgeous fall weather!

The weather is just too beautiful to do too much school, so we are just plugging away at the very basics. I'm wanting to take some time off of school and enjoy the weather, not stress about getting school done before soccer, get prepared for the fall Holy Days, pack, and get some things done around the house while the kids rake up piles of leaves and enjoy being outside in the fresh autumn air. Sounds lovely to me!


  1. EEEP! When did Malachi turn into a big boy??! That picture of him in the white T-shirt makes him look so grown up! No no! They are not allowed to get any bigger!

    Looks like a great few weeks! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I know. He is the same age Dylan was when we moved into this house. Seems so surreal. Makes me want to hug my babies and not let go. Thanks for stopping by, dear friend!

  3. I can't wait to get my hands on AAR 4! Hopefully in a few days I can order it.

  4. It looks great! I think it will be a great grand finale! Sad that it will be the last level, but so grateful for how much Malachi has grown with this program! I think level 4 will actually be easy for him ~ AAR has done a great job teaching him to read already!