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Bigger Learning Moments {Unit 7}

Welcome to our learning moments for Bigger Hearts for His Glory Unit 7! 

I can't call them weeks anymore since we are on Week 8 now of what was supposed to be a new school year (more on that below). 

While I wasn't excited to blog our week this week (or last for that matter), I still want to have a record of what we are doing and came up with a brilliant idea this week - Project Life! 

First let me back up and thank Tara for the encouragement to buy the Project Life app. When it went on sale for $0.99, I was willing to at least buy it (but not use it yet). See, I've been wanting to get into Digital Project Life for some time now, thanks to the encouragement of another dear friend, Amber. Digital is hard for me (non techie) and while I WILL learn it one day soon (probably when I stop blogging!), I was inspired when my friend Susana started texting me about the Project Life app! She sent me a link to her finished pages and told me how easy it was, and before the week was over I made these pages!!! 

Page #1

Page #2

It was so easy and fun! I am using the Strawberry Edition.

And you can have your own handwriting font created, too! I want to have a font created with HER handwriting! How cool would that be?! Her little 8 year old handwriting on her school pages! And for only $25!

This week was focused on what was most important. Some hands-on activities were skipped due to low energy and lack of supplies (namely clay for the science demonstration). Eliana filled out the Science Exploration sheet for the fossil impression activity, I did the lesson, and I intended to buy clay but kept forgetting. She reminded me again this week, so I must remember to get some next time I am out. She loves the hands-on, and so do I usually, but lately I am feeling overwhelmed by them because of the time and energy they take (in other words, it is harder to catch up if we fall behind a day, as we did this week).

Which leads me to why I may or may not consider this the start of a new school year (or what was 7 weeks into it). . . sigh. I'm ready for a summer break. If I finish strong until we complete reading and spelling (she already finished her math for 2nd grade), then I can call it a wrap on 2nd grade and pick up Bigger in the Fall to start 3rd grade. I was originally planning to push full steam through the summer so we can take a longer fall and winter break and start 3rd grade when we finish Bigger. But then I see so many people who use Bigger for 3rd grade, so maybe I shouldn't push her through it?


  1. This Project Life things looks so neat! We don't have a device with which to make an 'ap' work ... haha... but this is a huge reason why I blog too. Yes, it is to share homeschooling - but it also works as a digital memory bank for our journey! I say, if you're feeling worn out, take a break! :D I am in the process of planning for Bigger, Beyond, and Little Hearts and well... it's a lot to plan (printing out vocab/science pages, laminating things... etc.) but once its all done we'll launch in but I already found it a challenge to complete each day of HOD. It's a full program! Actually, Simon is doing Bigger with extensions for grade 4! I just loved the guide and the content (and the books!) and he placed in either Preparing or Bigger, so I put him in Bigger and I think it will be a perfect fit for him. I say, take your time! :) Thanks for sharing these lovely moments! xo Cass @theunpluggedfamily.com

  2. I'm behind on visiting blogs but wanted to say, "Happy Mother's Day!" May your day be filled with joy as you celebrate with your gifted blessings.

    Enjoy your "units" with Bigger Hearts!

  3. What wonderful fun, even without the clay! Whether you keep pushing or take the summer off just remember to get plenty of rest and enjoy this brief season. Eventually the energy and motivation will return, so enjoy the slower time while you can. :)