Jesse Bear, What Will You Wear? {B4FI♥AR}, Butterflies & Ants,

~Bo is 4 1/2 years old~

Jesse Bear, What Will You Wear? was one of my favorite rows with Malachi and Eliana, so I was so looking forward to rowing this with Bo this summer.


We started with butterflies as I ordered them at the same time as our ladybugs for our gardening unit for The Carrot Seed.

Butterfly garden seeds we picked out to plant.

We ordered caterpillars from Insect Lore. 

and then I got tired of photographing them every day, haha.  I shipped them 2nd day air so they were really tiny when they arrived this time - last time (when we rowed The Salamander Room) they were almost full grown caterpillar when they arrived). 

I ordered the Butterfly Life Cycle Stages from Amazon (I'll add the link later)...

And set up a little Butterfly Learning Corner. 

Counting down the days from caterpillar to chrysalis. 

Learning about the lifecycle of a butterfly. 

And then we went on vacation and our caterpillars had not emerged as butterflies yet, so we brought them with us. This was so fun. :) 

One emerged while traveling and the others emerged the week we were on vacation. 

And then they were gone. 

Bo released all but one on his own after we released the first one. He thought he released them all, but as I was getting ready to fold up the butterfly tent, I discovered one more so got to take pictures of him releasing the last one. :) 

Back at home, we made Butterfly Nectar from page 168 in Nature for the Very Young and drank with a straw (proboscis) with a flower pattern on top of the cup.

Rhymes - Ants in my Pants 

I forgot to take a pic of this book, but it was a super cute tie in to the rhymes in Jesse Bear. 


Lifecycle of an ant

It was fun to watch the ants tunnel the first few days, but they started dying earlier than I remember with Mali and Elli for our row of Truman's Aunt Farm. 

Printables from Homeschool Creations and Homeschool Share: Jesse Bears Healthy Lunch, What did Jesse Bear eat?, Measure Jesse Bears Lunch & Which bear comes next?


We talked about order - Jesse is organized. He puts things away like Bo does! Bo is really a great little organizer and I often find him rearranging things all over the house. With me reading the tidy book, this tied in nicely. 

Red, White & Blue

Jesse Bear has a flag colors theme so we made stamp shapes - stars to decorate our table. 

Jesse Bear's Healthy Lunch

I'll wear carrots and peas
And a little more please 

An apple to bite
And a mustache of white

& a Sandwich Bear. :) 

Jesse Bear, What Will You Wear? is a Before Five in a Row selection. There are a lot of Fun Things to do with B4FIAR, but the most important thing is to cultivate a love for learning. ♥

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  1. Love that you took your butterflies with you on vacation! The bear sandwich is adorable!!

    1. Thanks, Abby! ♥ That did make our trip more special. :)

  2. Jesse Bear is one of my 5 year old's absolute FAVORITE books. I love to read it, too. It's almost sing-songy! I am amazed by all of the activities you incorporate into the books.

    1. It IS sing-songy! It's such a fun rhyme to read and I love how the author makes it humorous for parents to read ("Jesse Bare" when he's in the tub, hehe!) :) Thanks, Megan! ♥

  3. Jesse Bear is so much fun! Great idea to tie in the butterfly kit.

  4. Love, love, LOVE! I adore your FIAR posts :) Your kids sure are lucky to have you teaching them :)

  5. Thank you, ladies! ♥ We've had a wonderful summer and I still have two rows to share to catch up!