Seedless Vascular Plants, Nonvascular Plants & Nature Journaling

Such joy to finish a great summer of Botany and nature study!

Lessons 1-5: Botany, Seeds, Flowers, Pollination & Fruits
Lessons 6-10: Leaves, Roots, Stems, Trees & Gymnosperms

Here's how we finished up Exploring Creation with Botany with the final lessons 11-13 on Seedless Vascular Plants, Nonvascular Plants & Nature Journaling.

Seedless Vascular Plants

Check out the sporangium! 

We were so happy to bring our book learning to life and find ferns growing in a small stream on a nature walk this past week. 

Lifecycle of a Fern notebooking

Fern rubbings.  

Nonvascular Plants

Lichen growing on a tree. 


The fish settling ponds full of moss inspired us to row a book next - a simple row with a few books, a movie, good food, and hopefully a fishing trip!

Lifecycle of Moss

Moss, Lichen, Liverworts

Nature Journaling 

Malachi's nature sketch of the stream

Telling me all about his nature sketch. 

A lovely end to our Botany study. Thanks for reading! 


  1. Pretty pictures as always! So vivid:) We're starting Classical Conversations co-op this week, so time to roll! Have a great school year!

    1. Thank you, Heather! ♥ Hope you have a great year, too! I've heard great things about CC!

  2. You Botany study has looked like so much outdoor fun! I almost went with this after seeing your posts, but decided to go with Chemistry and tie it in with oldest daughter M. Bo is so cute standing there and drawing in his journal!