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Seedless Vascular Plants, Nonvascular Plants & Nature Journaling

Such joy to finish a great summer of Botany and nature study!

Lessons 1-5: Botany, Seeds, Flowers, Pollination & Fruits
Lessons 6-10: Leaves, Roots, Stems, Trees & Gymnosperms

Here's how we finished up Exploring Creation with Botany with the final lessons 11-13 on Seedless Vascular Plants, Nonvascular Plants & Nature Journaling.

Seedless Vascular Plants

Check out the sporangium! 

We were so happy to bring our book learning to life and find ferns growing in a small stream on a nature walk this past week. 

Lifecycle of a Fern notebooking

Fern rubbings.  

Nonvascular Plants

Lichen growing on a tree. 


The fish settling ponds full of moss inspired us to row a book next - a simple row with a few books, a movie, good food, and hopefully a fishing trip!

Lifecycle of Moss

Moss, Lichen, Liverworts

Nature Journaling 

Malachi's nature sketch of the stream

Telling me all about his nature sketch. 

A lovely end to our Botany study. Thanks for reading!