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♥ | Throwback Thursday

It's Throwback Thursday {Blog Style} via Google Photos because I'm currently loving the "Rediscover this day" feature. Here are this week's moments:

This one's a personal trip down memory lane - a day in the life of Bo at 1 year old to include his first hair cut. 

Have you discovered Google Photos yet? and the "Rediscover this day" feature in the Assistant tab?

I now send all my photos from my big camera directly to my phone, edit them using the Photos app and/or PicTapGo on my phone which both automatically back up to Google Photos. Then, when I open a post in Blogger, I can instantly add photos to my post from my phone. This has saved me an incredible amount of time and made blogging so much easier.


At Home where life happens said...

I have recently started using Google Photos but haven't used it long enough to get the benefit of the throwback feature. I also don't edit on my phone but still enjoy the benefits that Google Photos offers. - Lori

Kym Thorpe said...

What fun to do a look back at pictures of kids when they were a bit younger! I'm sure I'm not using Google Photos to its full potential - I need to explore the options a bit more I guess.

Jennifer Miller said...

It's fun to look back. I haven't discovered those features yet. Thanks for the tip. I'll look into it now.

Beauty full Slow said...

Oh, this is a trip down memory lane :) So sweet!

I've not used or actually heard of google photos until you started sharing. Maybe something to look into one day.

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