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Weather Study with Bo

Just a peak at what I've been up to with Bo this past month - a weather study to tie in with our unit on The Long Winter

Non-fiction weather books 

Not pictured: Weather Words and What They Mean, by Gail Gibbons.

Learning about the water cycle

The water cycle in action - making rain

Evaporation (technically hot air from the steam) hits the cold air around the ice tray, condensates, and then falls as precipitation. For more fun, make it rain on Playmobil people. :) 

Fiction book about weather and a rainbow poem

A Rainbow of Colors
by Bo

Red reminds me of... my pants.
Orange reminds me of... oranges.
Yellow reminds me of... the sun.
Green reminds me of... grass.
Blue reminds me of... the ocean. 
Indigo reminds me of... the spray bottle. 
Violet reminds me of... the rainbow. 

Spinning Rainbow - to show that all colors come from white sunlight. 

(The bright colors lightened but we were not able to spin it fast enough to turn the wheel white.)

Working on math

Cloudy with a Chance of Jellybeans
by Boaz

In the town of Sliceandcut there were no stores. They didn't need any. Everything that everyone ate came from the sky. (He drew pieces of toast falling from the sky)

For breakfast, toast and butter fell from the sky. (He drew toast with square butter pats falling from the sky).

For lunch pancakes and butter fell from the sky. (He drew pancakes with square butter pats falling from the sky). 

For dinner strawberries and milk fell from the sky. (He drew three strawberries and pink rain falling).

Before bed, ice cream and jellybeans even fell from the sky. 

(All bold print are words Bo added to the story. I coached him to include jellybeans in his clincher to tie into his title). 

Malachi wrote his own version called Cloudy With a Chance of Cheeseballs. 

How much water from snow

When it snowed, we read more about the science of snow and collected snow for Bo to see how much water is left after the snow melts. He was surprised to see so little water for all that snow. 

More fiction books about weather

Good wind...
"I like to fly kits and do experiments."

Bad wind...
"I stay inside."

Catching the wind on a windy day...

I predict a Thunder Cake is... 
"a thunder that is a cake."

A Thunder Cake is really...
"a cake made when it is thundering." 

My Fears...
by Bo

I am afraid...
 of the dark
of foxes
of bears
of mice
I am afraid of tigers. 

Then we chose one fear to talk about.

What are you afraid of? 
"the dark"

Why are you afraid of this thing?
 "because I can't really see, and I think bad people are around me and hurt me - like kidnappers."

When have you had to confront this fear? 
"going upstairs when it is dark at home"

What could you do to overcome your fear? 
"pray, be brave"

Who can help you? 
"you, Malachi, God"

Until next time...


  1. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this post. Good bunch of books and experiences to go with the LONG WINTER. :)

  2. Great study and so much fun learning about the weather!

  3. Love your study (Weather is one of my favorite subjects... outside of Bible). Fun catching the wind!!! Great common sense learning going on... I see clips of college students now days that are such idiots (did I say that?); it's so refreshing to see children that are gaining practical knowledge at such an early age -- good job! I see a couple of books we used... didn't know about Thunder Cake, I love P. Polacco books! Thanks for sharing!