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Currently | January 2017

Currently, I am...

reading aloud a biography on Thomas Edison

pondering my vision for slow with Slow Lane

Surrendering my will to Father's by paring down curriculum choices for next year

Listening for whispers from the Holy Spirit

praying for an Obedient heart

desiring to have a heart of Worship

pursuing the idea of a morning basket in my homeschool

taking new supplements for iron deficiency anemia

praising God for more pieces to the puzzle

waiting for a phone consult to discuss test results

culturing a batch of kefir

drinking raw egg smoothies

craving pineapple

wrapping Eliana's hair in rag curlers - a birthday eve tradition

celebrating Eliana's 10th birthday with a trip to the mall to get her ears pierced and a day on the town

loving that she couldn't stop thanking me for such a happy day 

enjoying the time I get to spend with Nathan while in town