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High-quality, Self-paced, Online Homeschool Resources {} is dynamic online resource - like a homeschool co-op with teachers, lessons, and classes. If you are eclectic and love online based learning, you will love the Yearly Membership!

At, teaching:
  • is online based
  • consists of video, printable materials and eBooks
  • requires internet access and a yearly membership
  • can be used on any device with an internet browser
  • consists of a wide variety of material from core classes to electives
Classes are listed by grade level as well as by subject, and each course includes a course checklist, course details, and a quick access link to the class.

The Planning section includes the TOS Planners, course checklists, a new Custom Schedule Builder, record-keeping, and more.

The Resource section includes resources just for parents, articles, encouragement, TOS magazines, a menu builder, and more.

The Media Library has links to a wide variety of homeschool and Christian video content.

How did I use

High-quality, Self-paced, Online Homeschool Resources {}

I started off with something fun - a Language Arts class called Adventures with Books. 

This unit was a list of book suggestions related to a gingerbread theme and links to activities to bring the theme to life.

Some of the theme based activities included:
  • bake gingerbread cookies
  • build and decorate a gingerbread house
  • make gingerbread playdough
  • make gingerbread cinnamon ornaments 
I bought supplies to do all four activities, but the first two ended up being plenty of gingerbread fun. 

For literature, we read Gingerbread Baby and Gingerbread Friends, by Jan Brett.

Gingerbread Baby, which is an inspiring twist on the original story, has a happy ending! My kids enjoyed the story. The sequel was a little more predictable, but endearing just the same.

Then, we made the gingerbread cookies and decorated them to look like the Gingerbread Baby...

Right down to the raisin eyes, cranberry noses, peppermint buttons, and marshmallow pompoms! 

Next we decorated a pre-asembled gingerbread house. (I loved that they suggested a pre-made house as an option!). 

The kids have never made a gingerbread house, so this was a lot of fun for them.  

Several themes are offered for each month of the year. I found several that would tie in great with Five in a Row!

Next, I spent some time with Bo reading the animal and nature readers from World Book eBooks.

These are delightful interactive nature readers, and my Kindergartener enjoyed these.

While, I loved the content from the World Book eBook Library, it was difficult to access what I wanted because of incorrect links - I had to click around a lot to find what I wanted.

Malachi loves documentaries, so it was no surprise that he chose to use the Media Library to check out Drive Thru History's series on American History. He also spent some time searching for classes and creating a schedule using the Custom Schedule Builder. 

The schedule is not saved to your account, so you must download it to your computer once it is made, or the information will be lost. Since this is online based learning, I would like to see the ability to not only save the schedule online, but to be able to click the class links on the schedule as well so my student can log in, check the schedule, and access his class.

I must add that while Malachi found a lot of class titles interesting to him, he did not find the content to be as interesting, and he quickly lost interest.

To tie into our Prairie Primer themed meal on the Mexican War, I chose a Whole Foods Cooking Class with Sue Gregg and made Taco Chip 'Ole. 

We used the tutorial to make a meat sauce to serve over chips with grated cheese, shredded lettuce, diced tomatoes, sour cream, and black olives.

Malachi followed the tutorial for coring and dicing the tomatoes. Then each of us was able to customize our Taco Chip O'le to our own individual likings. While eating, everyone rated the meal based on several criteria, such as taste, texture, and appearance.  We all thought it was delicious with great texture and appearance, but Bo was especially happy with his. :)

What I like about
  • there is a wide variety of subjects and topics to choose from
  • it makes an excellent supplement to unit studies
  • links open up in a new page - I don't have to download files to my poor old computer that is almost out of space before seeing what's on them. 

What I don't:
  • broken links and missing images due to the ever changing nature of the internet
  • some activities rely on resources that I could easily find on Pinterest (ie. blogs)
  • and while there is a wide variety of classes and subject material, many classes are samples and require a purchase if I want to continue the class.  

If you are eclectic, like gathering curriculum from a wide range of sources, like to plan and schedule, and love online based, self-directed learning, you will love! If so, please be sure to read my Crew-mates reviews to see more or join now!

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Crew Disclaimer
As I mentioned in my first review, I like to have my curriculum picked out and in my hands at least 6 months before I start. I like it to be progressive, and I like it planned out and scheduled out for me in advance. I like a boxed curriculum! It is safe, secure, and structured. I know exactly what to do and when to do it! In that, however, I do need flexibility to add or change things, so I may use to supplement our unit studies, or when I need a change of pace.  


  1. Ok, WOW! What I found on Schoolhouse Teachers is that there really is so much to choose from. I really loved the Whole Foods Cooking class too! I really need to go check it out again. That Taco Salad looks delish!

  2. Tara, there really is! I loved what you did with the photography course! Sue Gregg has a lot of good recipes on there - some my boys will forever be traumatized by, haha. Jordan will never forget the time he wanted to stay for pizza at a friend's house but I had him come home for dinner because it was our family dinner night, and I served curried lentils over brown rice. 😳We had a lot of healthy food as I worked through her cookbook, much to their dismay, haha.

  3. The interactive nature readers looks very cool!