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Homeschool Mid-Year Update | Dylan

Dylan is my bright, charming 16 year old Junior who can make me smile even if I'm beside myself with worry or anger. He started homeschooling again this year after 2 years of public high school (after being homeschooled from Pre-K through 8th grade). He loved the social aspect of public school, but it wasn't working for him academically...

Knowing he was capable of so much more, and tired of dealing with the school system, I unregistered him and dropped off my letter of intent to homeschool him. He didn't fight it, so here we are. 

You can see his Home High School Curriculum, but I'll tell you that none of it worked. I'm pretty sure he spent most of the first half of his Junior year writing lyrics, composing music, and SnapChatting. 

We had a break through though which made me realize that Dylan needs to take ownership of his education. So, I stopped nagging him to do his school and started praying. An answer to prayer came when I was inspired to have Dylan take the college entrance exams. He did and passed with flying colors. He tested into English 1010 (English 1) and Math 1400 (Pre-Calculus). Yay!

Still knowing he needed ownership, I tried not to nag him into registering for dual enrollment. December passed and the community college closed, and still he had not registered. I only mentioned that if he waited too long, he might not get the class times he wanted. He put it off until the last moment, but I'm happy to say that he finally registered this week as a college-high school student!!! I rented his textbooks from Amazon - they will be here Friday, and he starts classes next week! 

He's taking 6 credits - English 1010 and Public Speaking which both transfer well. Even though he tested into Pre-Calc Algebra, he wants to finish Algebra II and take Pre-Calc during his Senior year.

Yee hoo! Woo hoo! 😄

Another 9 second video because these make my heart happy


  1. That's great! I can't believe my 9th grader will be looking into college and stuff soon. Seems like just yesterday I was teaching her how to read!

  2. That ownership thing - so hard to let them but it's really the only way with teens! Yay for finding a solution.

  3. Those sure are cute videos. I think we'll be doing the dual credit thing next year as my daughter goes into her junior year. But, she hasn't decided yet.

  4. I could have written that first paragraph almost word for word about my oldest, but it would have been the 4th grade (hence why we Homeschool.) I'm so happy that you have had so much good news today. Prayers that he loves it and is challenged in a good way. Love the video!

  5. I'm not sure why this didn't show up in my reader, but I saw your blog title with this new post and clicked on over.

    Gaining that independence and taking on full responsibility is a harder transition for some. Yay, for answered prayers!