Buddy Blocks {A Timberdoodle Review}

Buddy Blocks, a part of the Toddler Curriculum Kit, are all natural rubberwood blocks with six different animal puzzles to solve. They are sized for little hands and come with a wooden storage tray.

Your child can begin by stacking them, then matching colors, and then making a picture of an animal to solve the puzzle. Thus, they grow with your child. 

Three puzzle styles are available: Farm, Jungle, and Backyard. We received the Jungle blocks from Timberdoodle for review. 

Timberdoodle price: $11.99.

I wanted my 8 month old to love these. I put them on his shelf for him to reach and explore, but he was not interested in them yet.

However, my 4 year took right to them. I found her playing with them on her own several times, so I resolved that I would let her help me write this review.  Here is how I found her one morning:

She solved the puzzle in the wooden tray. . . 
Then flipped the whole tray over to see the animal on the other side! 
She thought it quite neat that there was a mystery animal on the other side. 
Then she would pick another animal to solve. . . 
And repeat the process. . . 
To reveal yet another animal. 
These photos were impromptu, hence the fact that her hair is not yet combed. 

Before this, she had been playing with them for a week or so trying to figure out how to solve the puzzles. She brought them to me several times to help her find the correct animal parts. I helped her a few times and then told her to match the colors and then move them around until she solved the puzzle. After a few more tries, she was able to match them up successfully. So, I think they were just the right amount of challenge for her!

And we will stack them up for baby Boaz to knock down for now. =)

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Do you get Timberdoodle's free homeschool catalog? Check it out for more homeschool supplies.

Disclosure: As a member of Timberdoodle's Blogger Review Team I received a free set of Buddy Blocks in exchange for a frank and unbiased review.

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