Holiday Recipes and Homemade Gift Ideas + a Giveaway


Do you love homemade gifts? I do. I've loved making and giving homemade gifts since I was little, and now my kids love to make homemade gifts, too. So, I'd love to share a few fun recipes that I hope to make with my kids this winter. 

These Quick and Easy Bath Bombs are so fun and easy to make. If you don't have a plastic fillable ornament, you can easily use silicone molds instead, like the bath stars we made here

I don't wear eye make up often, but when I do, I love to use coconut oil and a round pad to remove mascara, but it would be so nice to have a jar of these Eye Make Up Remover Pads ready to go. 

I especially love a good bubble bath and have passed that on to my kids, but I don't love the chemicals in store bought bubble baths - especially kids' bubble bath. This Luxurious Bubble Bath is a great alternative that is sure to bring a spark of joy.  

If you use clear soap base, you can hide little toys in these Decorative Hand Soaps to motivate little ones to wash their hands. When my boys were little, I made clear soap bars with micro-machines inside - the loved it. 

Growing up, we always had a cheese ball around the holidays. They are actually very easy to make, but look so fancy. I love one with fresh chives and herbs, but essential oils can be a flavorful addition. To use a toothpick to add the Vitality oils, you dip the toothpick into the oil, then stir into your recipe. - easy! 

I've joined up with Tara at Monarch Room to bring you even more fun ideas! Please hop over to Tara's blog for more recipes, ideas and a fabulous giveaway! {Thanks to all who entered!}


Monarch Room said...

Those stars are completely adorable! I'm totally going to make some too :) I am going on a search for silicone molds. These will make such great little gifts.

rachel carpenter said...

I just had my annual YL "make and take" event this past Sunday. I love making homemade non-toxic gifts for friends and family. I'll be adding some of your recipes to my list now! Great ideas!

Lisa M. (aka. Lisa @ Farm Fresh) said...

For me, my favorite recipe is probably the eye makeup remover one! I need to make myself some!

Dana Lambert said...

Love that Luxurious Bubble Bath! So relaxing!

Carol said...

I really like the idea of making eye makeup remover pads that aren't full of chemicals.

Ellen said...

Herb cheeseball spread looks good!

Ellen said...

Herb cheeseball spread looks good!

jengi33 said...

Love the eye makeup removal pads. I'm going to do that!

Megan Russell said...

I also love the eye makeup removal pads. I may try my hand at those for gifts for my sisters.

Susie Sue said...

I am very excited that I won these! I never pamper myself so this will be a real treat. Thanks so much!!!

Michelle said...

@Susie Sue, you're so welcome! My husband dropped your package off to be mailed yesterday, so it is on it's way! Congrats! I do hope you will enjoy a relaxing bath with the bath bombs and enjoy the Peppermint EO!

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