Baker's Choice Wood Burning Cook Stove

Reminds me of simpler times.

The Baker's Choice, an Amish made wood burning cook stove is the main source of heat for our new home.

What I love about it:

  • Size - small enough to fit in your kitchen, yet large enough to do the job of heating, baking and cooking, all in one unit.

  • Air Tight - The Bakers' Choice will easily hold a fire overnight. You can wake up in the morning to a warm house.

  • Fingertip Control - In the Bakers' Choice your fire leaps to instant attention with only a simple twist of the twin air intake knobs. Yet a twirl of the knobs in the opposite direction, and the fire is instantly put to sleep.

  • Front loading door - The Bakers' Choice comes with a front loading fuel door making it easier to fit in that extra long or crooked piece of wood, even if you are using the top cooking surface to capacity. There is no need to move the pots and pans to add wood.

  • Burns wood OR coal - The Bakers' Choice is designed to burn either wood or coal, giving you the choice of fuel that is most readily available and affordable in your situation. (For us that is wood!)

  • Large firebox - The Bakers' Choice has a large enough firebox to hold even large pieces of wood. Its so big it holds enough wood so you can wake up to a cozy house in the coldest time of year.

  • Firebrick lines the firebox - The firebox of the Bakers' Choice is lined with custom made refractory bricks to protect the steel walls from overheating and to insulate the burn chamber for a higher combustion.

  • Large oven - The Bakers' Choice has an oven that will hold six loaves of bread at a time.

  • High back and shelf - The Bakers' Choice has a porcelain enameled high back and shelf, to store the items that you like to keep handy for cooking and baking.

  • Doubles as a space heater - The oven door of the Bakers' Choice swings outward, so if left open, it is easily converted into a ready made heat exchanger unbelievably efficient. It will heat approximately 2,000 square feet.

  • Water reservoir - The Bakers' Choice comes with an optional hot water reservoir that mounts on the top and back of your stove for an extra hot water supply. The reservoir holds 7 gallons. (We ordered the resevoir!)

  • Standard Features - On top of all the previously mentioned features it also has the standard accessories of ash pan, lid, liner, porcelain knobs, oven thermometer, internal flue damper, grate shaker, poker, optional hot water coil.

  • Affordable price - the "least expensive cook stove made. The old saying. 'you get what you pay for' simply does not hold true for the Bakers' Choice."(Information gleaned from Stoves and More Online)

I can't wait until we are able to install it! (The installation is almost as much as the stove!)

When I think of how beautiful our land used to be before the Tussock Moth infestation killed many of the trees, I am sad for the trees, but happy that it brought the price of the land down to where we could afford it and very happy that we will have plenty of firewood to last us as long as we need it. The boys have plenty of hard work ahead of them. We have a lot of trees that need to be moved and trimmed. We also need to build a fire break around our house and the part of our land that was not affected by the trees (what we call Green Valley). But, praising the Father for free firewood!

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