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Tot School in the Garden

Tot School
~Eliana is 31 Months~

Giving Eliana a few square feet of earth to call her own is one of the best things I did this summer! She planted the seeds herself, helped water them, watched them grow, and waited patiently for her first carrot!

She was so delighted to pull up her first carrot!

She also helped me pick some salad greens and wash the carrots.

Below is an activity that Luke's aunt sent home with us to play with. It is a little wooden dress me doll. You put different colored squares of fabric on the girl and then fold down the top to see the girl dressed up. She really enjoyed seeing the different outfits on the doll and the squares of fabric were so easy to work with!

I love those little hands!

Elli initiated this activity. She was nesting the boxes while stacking, so I challenged her to stack them on top of each other. Then she played with her "Go Anywhere Girls" on the blocks.

For a treat, we made a homemade version of a Starbucks Mocha Frappachino. See how we made that here!

This is a picture from last week - she is reading me Usborne's First Book of People.

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