Sauerkraut Results

It worked ~ the cabbage fermented and we have sauerkraut.

After the boys ate bowls of it (remind me to tell you about that), I canned 6 quarts of sauerkraut. I also juiced some after reading about how good it is for you, but it was a little too salty for me that way.

Oh, about my boys, apparently a diet of cabbage (or sauerkraut in this case) is called the "diarrhea diet." It is a good idea to not eat as much as my boys ate. I rolled with laughter one night (oh, my tummy hurt!) as Jordan told me that he thought my sauerkraut was bad. His description - right down to the details, was identical to Nathan's experience - upon which I looked it up and found that eating too much cabbage will cause diarrhea. After recovering from that ordeal, and convincing them that it wasn't bad, they love it - in smaller portions of course.

Jordan also got to experience what it was like to can 36+quarts of sauerkraut with his dad. He came home with a case of sauerkraut and the boys like this stuff so much they can't decide if they should hide the remaining jars or eat it!

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  1. Chel -
    HOW FUNNY! Poor Boys - bet they don't do that again. I have to try and make some - some time.