Homestead Happenings

In my last update, we started on a Fuel Reduction Project (goal is to clear 100' of timber, slash, junipers, bushes, etc. around the house to reduce fire danger)... the fire department then matches our labor by the hour so we can clear more of our property {lots of dead trees/brush = fire hazard for the whole community}.

Here are some before pics taken last Summer:

Here is our progress so far in the front: 

100' is to the edge of the creek bed (the ditch along the road). We still need to clear trees along the ditch and figure out how to get the two fallen trees down. And I'm sure that Spring rain and sunshine will green it up.

Inside the house

We had to turn the stove last fall because the stove pipe was in the way of the water reservoir. Here is how it was placed before:

Here is how it is now at an angle:

We have also been working on getting more sheetrock up, if you noticed. Luke and Jordan had this up before I arrived (I was behind them by about 4 or 5 hours).  Then I helped (and took a few pics!). 

A "please don't take my picture" look if I ever saw one.

The boys are a great help. I didn't know what to do and felt rather out of place. . . until I jumped right in and said, "What can I do?!" I would have rather been home where it is easier with baby and I have my own projects to do, but I worked hard and it felt good. 

More pics from our trip:

The changing table on the pack-n-play was wonderful! So was Dylan's help with Bo. =) 

Jordan says he is the official cook when camping. ;p

Bo snuggled in the pack-n-play.

Sis - I've taken to calling her that - Luke started it.

Playing hide-and-seek... he needed a little help out of this spot, lol. 

The hammock was perfect for rocking Boaz.

And snuggling together. =)

Jordan is the "stove guy." He tended the fire all night while we were there ~ with a just little help from Luke (and myself). Me: "Honey, I think the stove needs a log." Translation, "Honey, I'm cold." =)

I went up on the first day, stayed 2 nights and then brought Jordan, Elli and Bo home with me on the third day. Luke, Nathan, Dylan and Malachi stayed. I miss my little man, Mali, but he is six now (such a big boy) and he is with his daddy. They will be home tomorrow. 

Luke loves these updates, so this one is for him. =) I'll share more about what I have been doing around the home, oh, whenever I get to it. 


  1. I'm with Luke--I LOVE these posts too. I really enjoy seeing all the progress y'all make on your home, seeing the pictures of your family working together on building it. These posts are so full of love and life. You will be so thankful you have them to look back on.

    Enjoyed seeing pictures of YOU! And I always love seeing sweet little Bo.

    Can you believe our boys are six this year? I can't...sigh...they grow to fast Michelle.

  2. Hey can we be neighborhs.. seriously ... I had been wanting to move up in the mountains somewhere..
    I love the stove..ohhh so pretty! Bo is precious!

  3. I love reading about your homesteading progress, and seeing all the pictures. But I love pictures of Bo too!

  4. Your house is coming along nicely--I've always wanted a wood stove--but they're not very practical in Florida! ;-)
    You've made a lot of progress on the clearing---that's such labor intensive work---it's good that the fire department will help some.
    Just curious----where do you all sleep at night? I'm assuming in the house, but do you sleep on the floors, or some other arrangement?