What I Love About You ~ 10 Weeks

Dear little Bo, I was a little camera happy a few days this week. I am feeling much better and have more energy to enjoy you. Oh, what joy! 

I love . . . 
  • how your face lights up when you see me. 

  • how you seem to be such a happy baby. 

  • how you smile and coo when we all talk to you. 

  • you looking at you in the mirror and and smiling at the baby you see (we should all delight in who Yah created us to be!).

  • that fist in the mouth thing. 

  • how kissable those cheeks are. 

  • you all ready for our first walk on a beautiful, but chilly day. 

(We didn't make it far, but there is always another day). 

  • you in your ducky outfit. . . {it says "Squeeze Me"} :-)

  • milky little lips.

  • milky smiling lips. 

  • that stare. . .

  • more smiles. 

  • a smaller lovie. . . for now, for travel or for the bassinet. I'm not sure. But it fits you. 

(I don't think you are interested in it quite yet, but I'm trying!).

  • how you nurse with your hand rubbing your eye when you are tired and how you sleep with your hand resting on your eye when you are in my arms. 

  • the sweet outfit {below} that I was blessed with this week for you by someone I didn't even know! Oh, how amazing how our Father works in our lives. He is so creative! 

Thank you, Marina!

{Marina's Russian mother knit this beautiful Snowflake vest and matching booties!}

  • a perfect fit for cute chubby feet! 

  • plump little legs in all cotton long johns. 

  • those beautiful big eyes. 

  • that fist thing. :-)

  • the musical mobile calming you just enough to take your picture. . . even though you are tired. 

  • you sleeping soundly.

I almost forgot. . . you are 14 pounds 1 ounce at 10 weeks. :-)


  1. Oh my goodness is he growing, we just couldn't believe it! I love the blue outfit that was given to you...and the duckies! So cute!

  2. beautiful Michelle!
    I loved the milky mouth! Those made me smile!

  3. I love all the pictures! He's so adorable. How are you feeling?

  4. Michelle, I'm so glad you got my package and that the vest and the booties fit Bo - he looks adorable! Thank you for your kind words on my blog! I'm continuing to pray for you and your family.

  5. So beautiful and perfect---I love the blue on him--it brings out the color in his eyes.
    I really see a lot of Eliana in him in the pictures where he's wearing the ducky outfit.(of course it's really you and your husband I'm seeing in both of them :-))
    It looks like he's really enjoying the mobile!