What I Love About You ~ 12 Weeks {3 Months}

On our way to the property ~ pit stopping for groceries and a diaper change. =)

I Love. . .

  • that you weighed in at 15 pounds at 12 weeks and are 24 1/2 inches long (you've grown 4 inches since birth).

  • that you are becoming more playful every day.

  • you noticing things around you more.

  • you interacting with your playthings more.

  • you trying to grab at things.

  • that you enjoy your baths now. At least you don't cry.

  • that you are getting stronger.

  • your SMILE! 

12 Weeks ~ Watching Bo play ~

Love those hands 

3 Months ~

15 1/2 pounds



I caught this sweet scene the day Bo turned 3 months ~ Jordan is making him LAUGH!

We've gotten a few happy sounds out of him, but nothing like this before. =)

I Love. . .

  • your LAUGH. It is healing to my heart. 

  • your chubs. 

  • you. 

This next month will fly by ~ these moments are so fleeting. I'm gonna revel in the moments I have with my little one and update again at 4 months. {You think I can make it a whole month?!} My photo album will burst at the seems if I don't! 


  1. Love the laughter videos!! You can't help but laugh along with them.
    He is really changing --- losing the newborn look and coming into full babyhood now. :-)

  2. Wow, 12 weeks already???? Time flies! My girls and I enjoyed looking at the pictures and the video this morning :)

  3. Those laughs just made my day. I loved when my little one was a baby and his big brother would make him laugh just like Bo...so heartwarming.

  4. I LOVE the videos, and you got some wonderful, beautiful pictures of him too.

    Yes, the next month will fly by, they all do, don't they?!

    I'll be looking forward to your next Bo update:-). He's beautiful Michell, and SO happy!

  5. OMGoodness, I just adore the video's of Bo and Jordan, and I must ask if the invite to snuggle and kiss on him still stands....I hope so! Wonderful Photo's Chel....and I thank you for sharing Project life with me...I am now really looking forward to it....I want to document Bobbin's Life better than I have been. Thank you so much - Much Love!

  6. oh my word have Bo been doing pushups..lol looks at those muscles.. so cute...awww how precious!

  7. Michelle he is SO lovely!!! How beautiful the sound of innocent laughter is!!
    Luv Donna