What I Love About You ~ 11 Weeks

I Love. . . 
  • cute pudgy feet and cute pudgy toes. 

Weight: 14 lbs 7 ounces

I wasn't going to post an 11 week milestone post, but I couldn't resist.♥

If you started following my blog for reasons other than baby snapshots or family milestones, you might want to unsubscribe ~ I can't guarantee when I will blog about anything else. =)


  1. Oh, these are some sweet,tiny feet! I LOVE baby feet. I still love my Jack's feet and he turns three today Michelle. It's passing in a flash, really is.

    And, you could post pics and family stuff every day and I'd still read with excitement:-). I like the family stuff best!

    Praying this finds you so happy and healthy and enjoying your beautiful family.

  2. Aww, what a sweetie! I love the updates :)

  3. no need to unsubscribe =) Post away dear friend. praying all is well with you. I miss you =)

  4. Love baby feet!! He's getting so big. My daughter has been using her boppy for our newest grandson--he's not loving it, but will sit there for a bit if she needs to do dishes or something--and she's hoping that he'll get used to it now so that he'll be happy sitting in it later--like Bo seems to be.