Learning Snapshots

Smiley Faces.

Hand Prints. 
Itchy Nose? (ha ha!)
Counting Down.
Earlybird Math
Language Lessons for Little Ones
I have a new system for schooling with the little ones and it is working well. I sit at my table which houses my laptop, school supplies and other projects I am working on. . .  Bo's bassinet and changing table are right behind me and his other baby things are to my right (floor play mat, Bumbo, and bouncy seat ~ those move to the living room, dining room or kitchen with me). . . I have a chair right next to me for who ever needs my help, work checked, etc. Elli and Mali sit there in the mornings and I do school with them individually while the other one plays (and the older boys do their independent work). 

As soon as I am done with Elli, she asks, "Can I paint now?"
Mali asks, "Can I have my computer time now?"

After lunch I have some time as a group. . . but I am hoping to move my older boys to work independently for all subjects next year (thus no more weekly Homeschool Highlights updates, plus I just don't have the time to be so detailed when I already have their work recorded). 

So, my Homeschool Highlights will mostly be "Learning Snapshots" for the older boys. 

LightUnit Work (Christian Light Reading to Learn Series)

Camera Shy?
Late-night studying.
We're 4 weeks into using 9th grade BJU English (one semester schedule) ~ Writing and Grammar 9 and Fundamentals of Literature. I'm working on a "Homeschooling Through Highschool" page to share my plan for Jordan. But, in a nutshell, I am hoping to go all BJU for English (Grammar, Writing, Literature, Reading) and Heritage Studies (History, Civics, Geography), Apologia for Science, Life of Fred for math and various electives including Team Sports, Personal Fitness, Weight Training, and Sports Programming for Phys Ed/Wellness; Auto Mechanics, Maintenance and Repair and an Electricity Lab for Career and Tech Ed, various other electives yet to be determined and I'm hoping to talk him into two years of Spanish after we finish our Latin. He still wants to go through the Diesel Mechanics program at our local college (2 year program).

Jordan has been working at night to get ahead for the next day because he is playing High School soccer and needs to get his school done daily to participate.

To say he is excited is an understatement. He's thrilled that he can play. 

Get this: he is HOME schooled, yet he knew every single boy on the team. . . and they knew him (there were about 65 boys playing). At the first practice, he said he couldn't make it down the hall without someone talking to him or patting him on the shoulder ~ glad to see him there. What's cool is the head coach knew him by name and respects that we keep the 7th day Sabbath (Saturday). And I love that Jordan's personality and individuality is shining ~ he is comfortable with who he is, can interact with adults and peers, and is a pretty good soccer player to boot (no pun intended, ha ha). Home school is homes cool.

In other news, I have the usual extra-curricular activities to report: floor hockey season ended on a good note, Chess tournaments are underway and YMCA Spring soccer starts next week for Nathan, Dylan and Malachi.

We took a Spring break this week, took a trip to our "homestead," but I am ready to get back into the groove! And still lovin' on this new baby.

Coming up next: The Rag Coat {FIAR}

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  1. Oh, I like the snapshots. Sounds like everyone is doing quit well. I am glad you have found a good routine, {I knew you would}... I have thought of you so often over the last month... then I got sick, and so on... I am glad to hear you are well now! And that you had a moment to link up. BIG SQUEEZY HUG for you to my friend. And snuggle a few for me with precious Bo. Much love you too! Have a beautiful week!

  2. We're still working on that routine, but we are getting there! I'm
    sorry you were sick too, it's no fun. I'll take that hug, too. =) Have
    a great week!

  3. What a beautiful family! Great snapshots, from the littles to the bigs. Your set-up sounds great. As a newer mom (who's been a mom for all of 3 years!) I find myself worrying about how I would do things if/when we have more children, or lived in a different place, etc... and then I remember that we always figure things out. With some creativity, we moms just make it work. Seeing you balance the needs of many different ages is quite inspiring! :) What lucky children to have each other...and you!

  4. Thank you, Monica! You right. And I think it has been different for
    each child ~ could I expect it to be the same? lol I think I will
    still be figuring it out, well, as long as I have children. I am just
    beginning to realize that just as we adjust when a child is born, we
    will have to adjust AGAIN when each child leaves the home! I can't
    believe my oldest is 15 (am I really old enough?) and soon he will be
    pursuing his own new life... sigh. It happens so fast!