Ancient Egypt {Core B}

Of our Sonlight history books (below), we read from Time Traveler, Usborne Book of World History, and A Child's History of the World for our study on Ancient Egypt. During this time, I also read to them from Akebu to Zapotec, Missionary Stories with the Millers, and their dad read to them from the Family Illustrated Bible.  Furthermore, Malachi is sitting in on World History Core G with Dylan, so he listened to Story of the World (audio) and the Kingfisher History Encyclopedia, and our supplement to Core G - Mystery of History (audio). Our read aloud during this time was Mr. Popper's Penguins.

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Sonlight is a wonderful literature based curriculum and we do LOTS of reading! But, I love to include hands on learning as much as I can, so what I share here is what we did to supplement Core B.

Family Illustrated Bible
For hands on projects, we did the Ancient Egypt History Pocket, had Mummy Dogs for lunch, made an Egyptian necklace and gold collar craft, and made "Tiger Nut Sweets." 

Working on History Pockets

Tour of the Nile Rile with a crocodile as our tour guide.  

All folded to be tucked away. Love that about the pockets! 

Mummy Dogs, inspired by Life with My Giggly Girls

Making an Egyptian Gold Collar 

Making a pasta tube necklace (pasta spray painted gold and metallic blue)

A simple Egyptian tunic made from a pillowcase. 

Malachi being silly - using his necklace as an Egyptian beard. 

Egyptian Honey Date Nut Balls, aka "Tiger Nut Sweets"

Elli being serious like an Egyptian. :) 

And her smiling with 2 missing front teeth. ♥

Working on Words to Know from the Ancient Egypt History Pocket. 

The following photos are from this past spring during Passover and the Feast of Unleavened Bread, but tie into Ancient Egypt, so I thought I would share them here.  

Pharaoh and a Rice Crispy Treats pyramid. 

Charoset {brick and mortar} ~ apples, cinnamon, pecans, and honey

Unleavened bread and bitter herbs {horseradish}

The Exodus from Egypt

Moses and the children of Israel crossing the Red Sea

I bought the super cute Passover/Ten Plagues set from DressyDollsCompany on Etsy.  

{This is a seasonal product, so it is currently sold out.}

My kiddos played with it over and over! They ask to play with it often, but I am keeping it put up until next spring Holy Day season. 

For more inspiration see our Ancient Egypt Unit Study in which we make homemade papyrus, complete a lapbook, and mummify an apple!

In other news, Eliana started Math Lessons for a Living Education

She loves it! It is too easy for her, but I like that she feels confident.
We are doing a week's worth of lessons in one day and will move quickly through Level 1. 

My girl. 
Newly painted nails with Piggy Paint
Love these kids. Love these moments. 

Oh, and about Mr. Popper's Penguins... I always wondered why the movie was so different from the book, but after reading the book a second time (since seeing the movie), I surmise that the Mr. Popper in the movie is the son of the original Mr. Popper from the book! The same Mr. Popper that goes off on his expedition at the end of the book is the unseen Mr. Popper on expedition in the beginning of the movie! Father never returns and son grows up to be a bitter shrewd businessman and terrible father himself... until he receives the unusual gift of a penguin from his father. This all just made the movie better! And not just another "the book is better than the movie!" :)

We are on week 19 in Core B (Week 10 in Core G), which means we just finished Ancient Greece. We will take this next week off of Sonlight to do our History Pocket and hands on projects.