Tot School with Bo {Letter Rr}

Letter: Rr
Object: Rainforest
Theme: Rainforest Animals

~Bo is 34 months~ 

See 1+1+1=1's Tot School Printables for the printables for this unit!

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I used the wheel as a teaching tool along with the book Over in the Jungle: A Rainforest Rhyme. We have very old copy of Over in the Meadow and love this counting rhyme! 

I had Bo clip the number clothespin to the correct group of numbers. (The mini clothespins were too hard for Bo. I bought bigger ones today for future use!) 

Tracing the number with his finger. 
Over in the Jungle: A Rainforest Rhyme
Bo likes to cut the color dots
Bo heard Elli doing "I i igloo" on ETC Online from across the table and ran to get his letter Ii for Igloo!
So happy these lessons are sticking! :) 

Fingerpainting the Rr's.  

Tracing the R. He is more intentional about this lately! 
Lining up colors that match. 
Letter Rr Basket

The clips are still good fine motor practice for Bo. 

ABC Find It! Letter Rr

Letter Rr Treat

Rainforest Cookies!
These Rainforest Cookies are so good and are made with healthy ingredients from the rainforest! I added one more banana for more flavor and used 1/2 whole grain flour (7 grain berries that I ground in my Vitamix) and half white whole wheat flour (adding a little extra to compensate for the extra banana). I added some flax seed to the second batch. These didn't last long! Bo helped me add all the ingredients to the mixer - he loves to cook and bake with me. He's super quick in the kitchen, and super helpful so I don't take a lot of pictures of us cooking. For memories sake, I need to have someone else help me so I can. 

Speech Therapy

Bo is hanging on my back as I type this and when these pics popped up, he made the "Oooo" sound! Good memory! 

And lest I forget... The other day I told him to put something away and he yelled, "no eeve ou" (no, leave out!) To which I say, you want to leaVe it ouT? {Reinforcing those ending sounds!}

I bought these for Bo's preschool curriculum, but he has been digging them out himself for months. I magnetized them myself and use a Dollar Tree cookie sheet (hoping they wouldn't get lost this way). 

I guess I can say that I am as caught up as I want to be! We finished Letter Tt this past week and will move on to the Letter Uu this week. If I do one letter a week, I will finish the week before Bo's birthday!  

I'm in planning mode for Bo's preschool {3 years old} and if you are following me on Pinterest, or on Facebook, you may have noticed that I've been pinning ideas for Busy Bags for my little guy! Now to get busy making some of them!

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