Tot School with Bo {Letter Qq}

Letter: Qq
Object: Queen
Theme: Royalty

~Bo is 33.5 months~

See 1+1+1=1's Tot School Printables for the printables for this unit!

Bo telling me to take pictures! He makes a "ch ch" clicking sound + his sign for taking pictures. ♥

Royalty theme

Bo loves to tease me and tell me the wrong color - something I do with him to test if he knows a color. :)

He is upset because he wants to color the white queen black. I tell him, no, that color is white.
At this point, I have to find a white crayon because he will not leave it "uncolored." Happens every time.
(I helped him color the other queens.) 
Prince Bo. :) Pop brought this home for him. 

Speech Therapy

Sessions have become more formal and structured. I like it. They feel more productive. And we have increased sessions from twice a month to once a week because Bo is showing signs of apraxia of speech, though it is not diagnosed until age 3. For example, Bo can say "/b/" "/o/" (long o) and "/t/", but he cannot say "boat" or even "Bo." He'd say "/b/" and "/o/" but if I ask him to say "Bo," he says "on." So, for now, we are just trying to get him to say the b and o sound without blending. 

Here are some pics of his speech therapist working with him. 

Sticker reward book

She is using the mirror along with practice sheets to help him form individual sounds and short blends. 

I am still supplementing with Omega 3s, but with a focus on high EPA and DHA, so I am using Barlean's Organic Oils Key Lime Ultra High Potency Fish Omega Swirl. I've considered other oils (including fermented cod liver oil and vegan oils), but this is the best tasting and truthfully, it is no good if I can't get it in him on a daily basis. This one has 910 mg EPA and 590 mg DHA in a 1 T serving, which is what I am giving Bo daily. And it's "num num" according to Bo. :)

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