Homeschool Mother's Journal: November 30th, 2013

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Thank you so much to those who commented and emailed last week in regards to my journal entry.   I am blessed by your love, encouragement, support and prayers. And... permission to ramble. :)

In my life this week…

We got our rabbit cage all set up and have begun potty training the bunnies, whom have affectionally been named Snuggles and Sniffers.

Bo is smitten with his bunny, Sniffers.

Their cage is a Living World Deluxe Pet Habitat. They love the little hideaway and did come willingly out after a few days. Once they are potty trained (please, Lord, let it happen), they will be free to come and go from their cage with supervision. I had them pee trained to their litter box until yesterday... long story, short, they need to be able to smell their pee in order to know where to pee, so I need to clean out cage, vinegar it, and leave the cardboard with their pee on it in the litter box. I have no idea how to litter train them to poop, but I know it can be done and read that you watch their tail and when they lift it, you scoop them up and deposit them in the litter box. But, man, do bunnies poop a lot! The nice thing is that it is small, like little hard pellets, and can be vacuumed up easily. 

Another nice thing: the Timothy Hay they love to nibble and the food pellets they eat smell like fresh cut grass and their litter is hard wood pellets, which smell good, too. And they are easily amused with a a few empty toilet paper rolls. 

It is fun to see the bunnies' personality as they interact with the family. They high tail it and even hop a little when Bo is around, but are generally just curious little pets and don't mind snuggling and being petted. 

Bo started another round of evaluations and I had a routines based interview, which always gets me thinking about the routines and rhythm of our home, and areas that we can improve in. And I had an eye opener in regards to Bo's nutrition that I will share tomorrow in his weekly tot school post.

Jordan and his grandpa processed 2 more deer. We are up to 9 total for the season (4 were given to us) and our big freezer is filling up.

In our homeschool this week…

We completed Week 32 in Core B. We finished Roman Diary and Usborne Time Traveler, and are a littler over half way through Detectives in Togas. We did 5 weeks of History and are now caught up to RA's. However, we are done with George Mueller and Akebu to Zapotec, so we will move through the last 4 weeks easily.

Which means, I am getting ready for Core C! I ordered the IG this week (yay for a 50% off repurchase discount and rewards points from a reader - thank you Shannon B. for using my rewards ID# this month - so appreciate you!).  I was able to get the IG and Timeline Figures, plus a book for Bo for less than $40. I also received my affiliate commission gift certificate for the month and was able to use it to buy the books that I need for Core C.  (When I say "Thank you for your support!" at the top of my post, I really do mean it. The small commission I receive when you shop through one of my links adds up and is a huge blessing - especially when finances are tight!) I decided not to buy the biographies for Core C, for now, because I can borrow them from our local library and save the money.

I am excited because Core C reminds me of our first year of homeschooling (with Core 1+2 - now B&C). We even started listening to Geography Songs to start learning world geography - and was surprised that I still remember many of the songs. For the last few weeks I have been wondering if there was a better program out there (one that includes notebooking, hands-on projects, narration, etc.), but feel at peace to finish what we've started and decided that if I switch to something else, it would be better to switch when we get to American History.

Eliana is progressing nicely through Math Lessons for a Living Education.  She is still plugging away, albeit more slowly, in All About Reading and Spelling. And I had her start working in Explode the Code again.  I was asked to share more about what she is doing, so I will start working on that soon, including a post on our 100th day of school.

Malachi is almost finished with Life of Fred: Farming, and that is the last book I have in the series, for now. So, I picked up Singapore 3A textbook, reviewed addition with carrying and subtraction with borrowing, and then taught him 2 digit multiplication with carrying and long division.

Bo did letters Vv and Ww, a busy bag, and lots of puzzles.

I finished Core G History - Week 10 and 11 with Dylan, but we still need to do Mystery of History for the time periods we studied.  I burned all the MOH CDs to iTunes and put them on my iPhone. Our CD player in the suburban broke (boo hoo - has Story of the World disc 3 stuck in it), so I am using an mp3 adapter to play on the cassette player using my iPhone when in the car.

Dylan is much more focused this year, but still needs constant, gentle reminders to do his school.

Life of Fred Pre-Algerbra 2. 
Conversion factors in Fred.

Nathan did a week's worth of Core 100 History, a week's worth of Adventure Novel, and a weeks worth of Computer Programing - in one day, after I took his computer away. He is still two weeks behind on Chemistry and Algebra.  He says it is like doing two math programs - it requires work. He complained that Module 1 was too hard, and I did the review with him, made him do the practice problems and the extra practice problems and he got an A+ on his first test. Module 2 is easier, but still has him doing a lot of math and he's burnt out on math right now.  But, I need him to stay the course!

Jordan is writing a persuasive paper and reviewing Algebra and Geometry - he takes the math portion of the Compass test this coming week.

Helpful homeschooling tips or advice to share…

I used to take my ink cartridges to Cartridge World to have them refilled, but I buy Generic ink now  on Amazon. I get the 12 Pack of Compatible Cartridges for Canon, but it is available for other brands. One pack for less than $10 lasts me a whole year.  I do have to be careful opening the cartridges - the ink has spilled out on me a time or two, when I open too quickly. I now open them slowly - peel off the plastic, pull the tab, and slowly turn the orange cap until it pops off. I've never had a problem with the printer not reading the generic cartridges or level of ink. Very happy! 

Places we’re going and people we’re seeing…

Hubby and I went to MT to get groceries (Friday). I needed milk for Bo from Natural Grocers and cheese from Costco, among other things. And I got to sneak into Hobby Lobby - by myself!

Other than that, and speech therapy for Bo, it was a quiet week at home. 

My favorite thing(s) this week were…

Getting internet at home. Such a blessing!

A surprise blessing via snail mail - a Hanukkah Game Box. But more important than what was in the box, was the note on the box and who it came from. 

Realizing that Hanukkah ties in with our study of the Maccabean Revolt! We will have a little  celebration commemorating the historical cleansing of the temple from its desecration by Antiochus Epiphanes, the pagan Greco-Syrian king. And I will teach my little ones how this in part fulfills prophecy concerning the birth of the Messiah, our Savior Jesus Christ. {Really excited about what I am learning!} 

My kiddos favorite thing this week was…

Malachi: History.
Eliana: Swimming in the hotel (after church) and going to Billings. 

Things I’m working on…

Teacher prep for Bo's preschool 2014.   

I’m cooking…

Turkey with Herbs de Provence and Citrus, creamy mashed potatoes & gravy, and stuffing (minus the giblets) - a very simple, but delicious meal.


Bone broth - on the stove right now.

My first chocolate angel food cake with chocolate whipped cream. I had 24 egg whites I needed to use up, and I love angel food cake. 

I’m grateful for…

Good health.
A supportive husband.
An abundance of food.
YouVersion Bible App. 

I’m praying for…

a miracle for Bo. 

I rewarded my kids this week by…

My kids love having computer or movie time as a reward, but I prefer to call it a privilege rather than a reward. If they do their school and chores and are obedient, then they will receive their reward. If they do not or are not, then they lose their reward (or privileges). But, I did let them stay up late a few nights this week. :)

What do you do to reward your kids?

Something I am ogling or have my eye on…

This Tumblie Biscuit Pup and/or this Fuddlewuddle Tan Puppy both by Jelly Cat, for Bo for his 3rd birthday next month. He loooves puppies. He calls them "whoos" (woofs). He has a little gray wolf and a small white puppy, but carries Dylan's big woo around - the one he got when he was 3, so I'd like to get him one of his own.

A photo, video, link, or quote to share (silly, serious or both!)…

One more...

Elli and Mali's human body map from our Introduction to the Human Body unit study (books I hand picked from Sonlight in lieu of doing SL Science). We got together to work on these with friends and we did more talking than working, LOL! Guess we need to get together more often! The kids also made a human body vegi guy and had punch. We read through some, but not all of the books I had planned, but a lack of schedule was not a good fit for me. Looking forward to starting AE Astronomy soon!