Tot School with Bo {Letter Ss}

Letter: Ss
Object: Star
Theme: Space

~Bo is 34 months~

See 1+1+1=1's Tot School Printables for the printables for this unit!

My tot posts are generally chronological and I usually start on Monday, but I wasn't feeling well (or was having an off day) so we started with Speech Therapy on Tuesday.  Here he is doing his speech warm-up and an activity. And then he wanted me to sit with him. 

We are focusing on getting Bo to say just ONE word each week. This week it was his name.  We say "Buh oh" (but I try not to say the "uh"). He still can't say his name. And lately (this past week), he won't even sound it out - he SPELLS it! "What's your name? "B-O," he says.  And if he sees anything with a B and an O on it, then it's "Mine," he says. My coconut chocolate Chobani yogurt -  "B-O. Mine." See?! :) I have a hard time with him being so smart and yet say so little!

Ss is for Star

ABC Find It! Letter Ss

Star Stickers

Bo was so diligent to fill the entire star and more.

Where I am currently schooling with the younger kids, but I will be moving things around again. 
Left to Right Tracing

(or right to left!)

What Starts with Ss? 

Bo traces the letters, colors and/or draws a line to each picture that starts with Ss (all of them!).



This took all of 2 seconds.

Shadow Matching 

Displaying Bo's Work

He hung it all up himself. :)

I will focus on what Mali and Elli are doing during tot school in a future post, but here is a pic of what Bo is doing while I do math with Elli in the afternoon.


Letter Ss Puzzle

Love his little smile at the end!

Letter Ss Peg Board

I really didn't get to our theme this week.  I am still planning to do Astronomy with Mali and Elli, so he will have exposure then, I'm sure. We moved on to Letter Tt and then I took a week off. I am on Letter Uu this week and am hoping to squeeze letters Vv and Ww into one week to still finish by Bo's 3rd birthday!  (While Bo is loving every minute of this, I am ready to be done!). 

And after this week, I am finally forcing myself to learn how to shoot manual on my camera. I purposely moved my school table to the room with the most natural light in the house, but a dark and dreary overcast day = terrible photos regardless. :( So, I'm learning. :) 

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