Building the House ~ Part 3

"Unless Yahweh builds the house, they labor in vain who build it." Psalm 127:1

Building the house has been a slow process since we quit working on it full time. With the help of Luke's aunt and uncle and mom and dad, we built the house in 4 weeks (from the foundation up) and then work ceased for 8 weeks while Luke ran his soccer program. We have only made it back up to our property a couple times since then and time to work was short. Luke's parents also went up and put blocking in the eves of the trusses until we can install the soffit and fascia (to keep the birds out).

Here is what we accomplished on our last trip and my next post on this subject will be about how the Father has worked in all this to get us where we are, because truly, He has built this house!

We are now 75% done with the siding.

Dylan was a super good helper to Luke and helped him cut and hang the panels on the east side of the house.

Their handiwork.

Luke started hanging insulation and the downstairs exterior walls are almost done. Now for the ceiling and upstairs.

Dining/living room and kitchen window.

Here is a slide show of the interior of the house. Some of the pics are from where we left off in September and some are pics that I took recently.


Lots more to do inside, but praising the Father for it!

Here is work that needs done outside:

All of these trees along the road have to be removed, otherwise they will end up on the road like these ones here:

This is our property road (driveway) and two trees had fallen across it. When we arrived, Jordan did not hesitate to jump out and start sawing the trees in smaller pieces so they could be moved. In fact, I lost count of how many trees he cut down while we were there. Must have been at least 30. Like I said before, I am praising the Father for free firewood (and the opportunity to teach my boys the value of hard work).

We also went on a hike to my favorite part of our property, "Green Valley". Mali and Elli are learning about habitat, so this was also part of a nature lesson for them.

I worked on a project of my own with the boys during this time. I can't wait to share, but it will have to wait as it was a part of a Prepare and Pray lesson.

On other notes, Earl (the motorhome) is holding up well in the weather, but we had to re-tarp it as the ceiling is leaking near the air conditioner. We were also able to empty the septic in town for $5! We had previously been paying $30 and had to camp at a RV park to do it (not that I minded electricity or wifi, but I much prefer waking up to the birds than cars passing by).

I am not sure how many more trips we will be able to make as a family. The road going into our property is not the greatest. Luke will have to take his truck up there to access our property. We are praying for a 4x4 suburban (a 9 seater, please), if you would like to join us in praying!

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  1. I've always thought that if we ever built a house that I would want to include the scripture from your title on a sign posted in the yard where the house was being built. Blessings, and what great documentation on your journey!!!