My To-Do List

I have an ever-growing list of things that I would like to accomplish in my desire to be steadfast at home, so I am making a list.

The list:

  • Organize (reorganize that is) the school room/office, books and school stuff and set up a scrapbooking/sewing center and a craft section. {I have already started working on this. Still need to work on the book shelves.}

  • Sew Elli some new dresses with the Simple Gathered Shift pattern from Practically Pretty ~ a pattern that I discovered during my review of Sense and Sensibility. I plan to use the pattern for long sleeves and make matching leg warmers and/or pantaloons. {I have one pattern already cut out and ready to be sewn and the pattern ready to be traced since I decided to go with the next size up after the first dress (I trace the original on to freezer paper that I can iron onto the fabric for easier cutting). I have enough material to make 4 or 5 dresses, but I am only making three now. All done!}

  • Sew Elli a few pairs of fleece pants. {Material bought and ready to go. I will measure Elli for the pattern}

  • Start scrapbooking again (I am really getting behind). {Bought a new album and just the very basic supplies to get me started and all my photos are organized and ready to go ~ still need to order prints for the digital photos I have taken this year}

  • Finish the craft projects that I bought materials for (a canvas nature pouch to hold nature journal supplies and a canvas pouch for a child's desk). {Materials are in a pile ready to go}

  • Make chokecherry syrup from the chokecherries we picked this summer. {They are still in the freezer, but we just processed our 6th deer this fall and need to make more room. Plus this was on my fall to-do list.}

  • BTH Part 4.

  • Year in review (my one year blogiversay came and went unnoticed by me). {Has it already been a year?} I'd like to highlight some of my favorite posts and share how I have grown over the past year and why I started blogging in the first place.

  • Make a new set of tassels for everyone.

That's it. But, some of those are projects are on-going. I may or may not blog here until I get to work on these ~ at least until I can share something that I have accomplished on my list!


  • 11/29/09 I finished Elli's first dress today. I think it came out cute and the matching leg warmers are too cute on her.

  • 11/30/09 I decided to only make 3 because she did not really care for the other fabrics (she does not like yellow or green). I am making the next two assembly style ~ I am about half way done sewing them.

  • 12/4/09 I hung the gutter book shelves in the kids play room and the books are organized. Yay!

  • 12/9/09 I lost my spray bottle, which means I couldn't iron. (Can't sew without ironing!) But I have a new one and all I have to do is make some bias tape to sew in the elastic on the waistline. :-)

  • 12/13/09 All done with the dresses! 

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  1. Great List Chel! Makes me think of making a list, but I might need a list for my lists...just kidding.