A Review of Gymathtics by Exploramania

Exploramania just sounds like a cool name for a company that produces the Exploracise® Gymathics® DVD. The colorful cover and the "gym" and "math" caught my interest because my kids love being active, but they don't love math as much.
Gymathics is complete 30 minute program that includes:
  • Shape Stretches Warm Up: Stretch your mind and body with line, circle, and polygon stretches.
  • Counting Calisthenics: Aerobic movements work your heart as fun counting concepts work your brain.
  • Pattern Power: Growing and repeating pattern exercise combinations challenge minds and strengthen muscles.
  • Well-Being Wind Down: Relaxing stretches cool down the body and open the mind to think about healthy lifestyle choices including the Nice Wave Stretch and Big Dream Stretch.
Shape Stretches Warm Up include:
  • Straight, Parallel, Intersecting and Perpendicular Lines
  • Ray, Angle, Obtuse Angle, Acute Angle, Right Angles
  • Diagonal Lines, Wave function, Wavy Lines
  • Circle, Semi-Circle,
  • Congruent Shapes, Similar Shapes
  • Circumference, Radius, Center Point of Circle
  • Oval, Polygon, Triangle, Quadrilateral, Rectangle, Pentagon
  • Square, Rhombus, Trapezoid, Parallelogram
  • Equilateral, Isosceles, Scalene, Obtuse, Acute, Right Triangles
Counting Calisthenics includes:
  • Whole Numbers
  • Integer
  • Number Line
  • Odd and Even Numbers
  • Skip Count
  • Place Value
  • Prime Numbers
Pattern Power includes:
  • Growing Pattern
  • Repeating Pattern
The math education details in the program are incorporated through three senses: Kinesthetic/Movement, Auditory, and Visual.
Price: $24.99
While this seems like an excellent concept (learning math through movement), this didn't work for our family. It showed lack of originality and frequently repeated phrases seemed, well, overused and a bit irritating. (Our two year old was the only one who would watch it a second time ~ she loved following along and especially liked that there was another little girl in the program.) My boys love to be active in sports and real activity. Even in the wintertime, they will bundle up and head to the park to play ball. On really cold days, they will go to the gym.
I also thought it was a bit overpriced for the quality.
However, Exploramania carries other products such as this Multiplication Thumb Ball and this Geometry Thumb Ball and we think that would be something that would work for our family. My kids are glued to a soccer ball 8 months out of the year. If we go anywhere, they always bring a soccer ball. What a great way to teach them math with a sport they love. I am all about that!
Be sure to see what other Crew mates think of Gymathtics, some really liked it!
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