My Prayer for Nathan

"Hear a just cause, O YHVH - El Shofet (Judge), attend to my cry, give ear to my prayer, which is not from deceitful lips. Let my vindication come from Your presence and let Your eyes look on the things that are upright. For You have tested my heart. You have visited me in the night. You have tried me and have found nothing, for I have purposed that my mouth shall not transgress. . . "From Ephraim Frank's Prayer Psalm 17.

". . . But as for [Nathan], Abba, keep him as the apple of Your eye, hide him under the shadow of Your wings, El Elyon (God Most High). For he will see Your face in righteousness; and he shall be satisfied when he awakes with Your likeness."

I found this so fitting as I clicked on the link tonight. Today is the 17th and Psalm 17 is a perfect prayer from a mother's heart to her son. Especially since he is crazy about apples and we made an apple desert tonight ~ Apple a la' Mode.

I'm too tired to post the recipe tonight, but I wanted to mark this milestone.

A few things about Nathan: (written by Nathan)

I want to be a firefighter.

I am 11 years old (today).

I like to play board games (like Risk).

I like the color yellow.

My favorite food is lasagna.

My favorite sport is football.

My best sport is soccer.

I like "all" train sets.

I like to write books.

I like to build cars.

A few shout outs for Nathan: (from his family ~ in a random fashion)

We love him. (Mali)

He lets me play with his wooden train set. (Mali)

He is a good friend. (Elli)

He is good at board games and taking care of them. (Dylan)

He is good at putting things together. (Dylan)

He is a good brother. (Mommy)

He always has a good attitude. (Mommy)

He is good at chess. (Jordan)

He is easy going. (Jordan)

He makes things fun. (Dylan)

He is very generous. (Pop)

He is a willing helper when I need him. (Mommy)

He is athletic (Pop).

He is a good person. (Mali)

He has a very special relationship with Mali. (Mommy).

He loves everyone in our family and he love me. (Mali)

I love his heart. (Mommy)

He is a good cook. (Mommy)

Nathan we are blessed beyond measure to have you in our family. Many blessings to you as you grow this year!

"May you keep His commandments, and live; and [keep] His law as the apple of your eye." Proverbs 7:2

(I'll share that apple recipe in another post).


  1. I love this, are blessed beyond words, I can tell. Happy Birthday to your guy!

  2. Chel,

    I really enjoyed talking about Nathan last night and it is so great to have had him for 11 years so far. He is truly a blessing to our family!



  3. Oh Nathan - happy birth-day, you are truly a blessing to everyone who knows you....with love