13 Going on 16 {Jordan}

Jordan turns 14 today. I think he is ready to be 16, though. (Then he can slow down, he says.) He wants to hurry and grow up just enough to be able to drive, and then he says there is no hurry. (smile) It could be that this Dodge 1 ton flat bed pick up has something to do with it (and the fact that he is part owner of it - 25% to be exact).

We bought this (in partnership with Luke's dad) from the local lumberyard for use at our property in Montana. It will be great for hauling lumber and timber and for general use on the homestead.

But, it will be an even more excellent tool for learning some important skills. . .

. . . like how to replace the radiator, fan belts, air filter, spark plugs, etc.,

. . .and general vehicle maintenance and repair.

He is taking his part ownership very seriously and I know he will love driving it on our property (until he gets his permit in one year). It is already nice that if I need a vehicle moved, I can rely on him to do it. He is also inspiring Luke to get into mechanics. I am so proud of them for removing the old radiator and installing the new one (and I hope they can figure out why it is still overheating). It is a good challenge for them and I am sure they will not only figure it out, but it will be a valuable learning tool for them both.

I have been thinking all week of what I could include in Jordan's milestone post and it seemed like a no-brainer to include this new adventure of his. But there is so much more I could say about him. We have struggled over the last 2 years with the pre-adolescent stage - specifically ages 11-13. Jordan and I are very close and I can tell that these past couple years he has naturally pulled away from me and grown much closer to Luke. He has always gotten along well with his dad, but now he needs the everyday interaction of a physically present father and I am blessed knowing that Luke is there for him. At first I was sad that Jordan didn't need me as much anymore, but I am not anymore. I want him to grow into a man that will serve the Father and the best way to do that is with another man who loves and serves Him. And since I have recognized Jordan's needs as a growing boy, things have been so much better. I know now that this is how Yah God created him! And now that the struggles are behind us, I am excited to watch him grow into a mighty man for Yahveh! For that has been my prayer for all my boys since I can remember.

And I am excited that Luke is getting into these kinds of things, thanks to Jordan. He has never been mechanical, so it will be neat to see them both grow together.

A few more things about Jordan:

  • likes to work on things, fix things and build things
  • loves having a project to do
  • likes to figure out how things work (he's always been naturally inquisitive)
  • one of his hobbies it to build cars
  • likes to build forts
  • likes old stuff
  • likes to draw (cars)
  • independent
  • loves to be outdoors working with his hands
  • loves to be on our land in Montana
  • hard worker
  • likes to cut down trees and chop wood
  • is in charge of all the outside chores
  • does great maintaining his inside chores (except his closet)
  • likes to swim and play hockey
  • great soccer player, team leader, ref and coach

Tonight, we will have a picnic style dinner (homemade baked beans, chips, potato salad, etc) and make homemade ice cream (Jordan's favorite).

Jordan, I am so thankful for you and the difference you make in our family. Enjoy the next two years . . . they will go by quick enough!

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  1. I found your blog through Lina's A Set Apart Life. Just thought I'd let you know that I turned 15 on 3/27/10! I also have the same philosophy as Jordan, turn 16 so I can drive and then I want to stop growing up. =)