Olde World Style Maps

We are studying Ancient History right now, so the Olde World Style World Maps and notebooking pages from Homeschool in the the Woods have been a great addition to our studies. The World maps are a collection of 130 maps and 40 notebooking pages. The U.S. Maps are a set of 180 maps with a notebooking page for each state. Each map has 3 different versions giving you flexibility and choice. You can print a totally blank map to be filled in, a blank map with a title, or a map completely filled in with key geographic features (a wonderful teacher's helper).

The maps are high quality and visually appealing. I love their "olde world" style.

We have used several maps and notebooking pages. You can see how we used the "Daily Life In. . ." notebooking page at the tail end of our Ancient Egypt study (scroll to the bottom). You can also see how we used the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World in another lesson. Since we had already mapped Eqypt when I received these, I printed it to include in their notebook. I liked them that much. I have also printed the Ancient Mesopotamia map for our next unit study.

Price: (Download version)
  • World Maps: $18.95
  • United States Maps: $18.95
  • Combo-Pak: $28.95
I think the combo-pak is definitely a great value. Each are also available on CD for $1 more.

You can download samples to try them out. Or see the World Maps and U.S. Maps to get a closer look.

Other products by Homeschool in the Woods include timeline products, Time Travelers History Studies, and Hands On History Activity-Paks. I think the The Old Testament Activity-Pak would be perfect with our Biblical History series!

I have several other notebooking pages printed that I plan to use as well and will share in future posts. We have mostly been using the World Maps, but today I printed off a state map and notebooking page to go along with a literature based unit that I am planning for my Kindergartner. I love having these in my library and will continue to use them as an integral part of our history, geography and notebooking lessons throughout our studies.

I received this product for the purpose of this review and no further compensation was received. I offer my honest opinion. Please see my disclosure policy for more information.