Abraham, Isaac and Jacob {Israel}

In our last Biblical History lesson, we left off where Abraham journeys to Egypt. We ventured off into a unit study on Ancient Egypt and we now pick up where we left off with the life of Abraham and his descendants. Readings:
  • Genesis 17:1-36:43
  • The Victor Journey Through the Bible: "Abraham and Lot," "God's Covenant with Abraham," "Abraham Entertains Angels," "The Destruction of Sodom,"
  • The Holmann Bible Atlas: "The Patriarchal Journeys"
  • Ancient Civilizations and the Bible: "The Children of Israel" (Unit 4 Intro)
  • Grapevine's Old Testament Overview
Highlights: We have learned that Yahveh promised Abraham that he would give him:
  • a great name
  • a great nation
  • a specific land
  • and a promised seed
Yahveh changed Abram's name to Abraham, Abraham marries Sarah and YHVH promises them a son through whom the promise will continue. This son was Isaac.

(Notebooking pages from Grapevine's OT Overview)

The covenant YHVH made with Abraham passed on to his son Issac. Issac marries Rebekah, and they have twin sons: Esau and Jacob. Jacob receives the firstborn blessing instead of Esau. The promise continues with Jacob, who was later renamed Israel.

I could share more in depth, but the most important thing to understand about this lesson is that this promise is forever! YHVH told Abraham,
"And I will make your seed as the dust of the earth: so that if a man can number the dust of the earth, then shall your seed also be numbered." ~ Genesis 13:16
Many Christians reject their Hebrew roots and YHVH's Torah, because they don't recognize that they are Israelites. Are you a part of this nation set apart for God? If you believe in the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, you could be! Read my post on our spiritual heritage to learn more. This week we also began a study on the "Seven Wonders of the Ancient World" from Homeschool in the Woods' Olde World Style Maps collection. I used the notebooking page (below) as an introduction and we are listening to Diana Waring's reading from True Tales (an audio reading from the Ancient Civilizations and the Bible curriculum). We will listen to each "wonder" when we get to the time period we are studying.

We are now moving on to the life of Joseph, which will take us through the time of Israel in Egypt and also right up to the Exodus, just in time for the Passover (which is anticipated to be March 31st). We will journey with the Israelites through their first week wanderings as we remember the Feast of Unleavened Bread during YHVH's Spring Feasts Days and the fulfillment of this Feast by Messiah Yeshua. Earlier this year, I was thinking that we were moving far too slow in our history studies, but I see now that this is His perfect timing!

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