Key Lime Pie

While shopping in a little health food store and eatery with Jordan, a little sign caught my eye: Raw Vegan Key Lime Pie. The vegan part first caught my eye. I am not a vegan, but vegan is safe because it is clean. And I love lime.

So, I read the main ingredients:

  • avocado

  • fresh squeezed limes

  • agave

  • coconut oil

I was so thrilled that it used agave instead of sugar that I had Jordan talk me into buying a slice for $3.99.

Before we got home, I knew I would be making this pie. So I googled and found a recipe: Raw Vegan Key Lime Pie.

And here is the first pie I have made since going off white sugar:

Can you believe there is avocado in that pie?

My pie is kosher, but not vegan. (I modified the recipe and used honey instead of agave nectar). The crust is made with pecans, dates and a little bit of melted coconut oil to help it stay together. It was a simple pie to make (the hardest part was juicing all of the limes by hand).

Now that I am brave enough to make a pie with avocado. . . I am going to make chocolate avocado pudding.

Who needs sugar when life is so sweet without it? *Ü*

This is a part of my Simply Sweet Naturally series where I am sharing my journey to make healthy whole foods eating a delight for my family. It hasn't been an easy journey, but I am thankful for sweet little moments like this one.

Days off white sugar: 62

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  1. Oh, man...I need to make that to healthfully fatten up my little Tornado! It does freak me out thinking about an avocado pie, but we HAVE made chocolate avocado pudding so I'm already a believer. We'll try it out!