Math Galaxy

Math Galaxy is a software program for grades K-12. It is designed to connect "the abstract concepts of math to concrete experiences with graphical illustrations at each step to help you remember." Detailed explanations are given and practice opportunities are unlimited with this computer math program.

Each of the following programs are available as a CD-ROM:
  • Math Galaxy Whole Numbers Fun
  • Math Galaxy Fractions Fun
  • Math Galaxy Decimals, Proportions, % Fun
  • Math Galaxy Word Problems Fun
  • Math Galaxy Pre-Algebra Fun
  • Algebra Fundamentals
  • Whole Numbers Worksheet Generator
  • Fractions Worksheet Generator
  • Decimals, Proportions, % Worksheet Generator
  • Algebra Worksheet Generator

You can check out the website for a detailed description of each one, or Tour Math Galaxy to see more.

Price: $29.95 for each CD-ROM.

Two eBook selections are also available for $14.95 each:
  • Math Galaxy Whole Number Riddles eBook
  • Math Galaxy Fraction Riddles eBook

We received the downloadable versions and they were simple to download, unzip and open. Here is a screen shot of your options once you open the Whole Numbers Fun:

And here are some screen shots inside the program:

My boys enjoyed the Whole Numbers Riddles. (They played it like a “Wheel of Fortune” game). But I had a hard time getting into this program. The game itself seemed very slow to me. For example, on the Whole Numbers Fun, in the adding section, you get a problem on the screen, type in the answer and then get a series of 4 "Correct" banners in successive sequence (growing larger). Then you have to "press any key to continue" before you get another problem. This seemed like a waste of time to me. On another option, the problem is displayed graphically (which can be helpful to understand the whys behind the math), but there is no sound and again it seemed slow. And there is no option to skip the tutorial. On this screen, you earn robots that you use to play in the labyrinth (which I did not have my boys play). Other games that my boys did play and enjoy included: the Word Riddles, Bridge the Swamp and Word Jumbles.

I found my boys on several occasions playing this on their own time, but it was not something that they were begging me to do. While it was not a right fit for us, it does seem like it might be another resource for math practice ~ especially if your children love to be on the computer.

Many of my Crew mates really liked this program, so be sure to read their reviews to get a balanced opinion.

I received this product for the purpose of this review and no further compensation was received. I offer my honest opinion. Please see my disclosure policy for more information.