On the Homestead

Hauling water from the creek to the fruit trees we planted.

Not what we expected! (Nathan and Luke's dad ~ "Popi")
We hauled this old water trailer back from Idaho. It holds 220 gallons and we pulled it to the water station to fill it. The nozzle was too big! We would need to make an adapter with pvc pipe to fit over it, so that we do not waste so much water filling it but we are not sure that the trailer will make it one more trip because the tires on it are bad. We will keep it for storage for now and plan to buy a tank to sit in the back of Luke's truck.

The logging is going very slow on our road. In some parts it is looking better, but there is a lot that needs done:

I added a grapevine to my berry garden:

It has not done so well because of lack of water, but it is still alive last I checked.

We brought back an old '74 1-ton farm truck for Jordan. He saved up all summer for it and bought it from Luke's grandma (It was Papa's). It has split-rims, so we are looking for new rims for it. We will use it on our homestead to haul logs until he is old enough to drive (he can drive it at the property now).  We broke down several times on the way home and Jordan, Luke and his dad installed a new fuel pump. On the way home (the last stretch) it was still running rough ~ until Jordan adjusted the carburetor. =) He is learning so much and this will be a great learning tool! 

Here he is showing it to some buddies:

This truck is so "Jordan." =) 
I found this growing by the road side and along the creek:

Is it friend or foe? (Anyone know?)

Here it is growing by the creek:

I am very excited about this:

This is the wind turbine that powers the composting toilet. The composter is hooked up! I will share more about this another time. 

I'll share more on the house soon, too. Luke is up there making progress as I type and I can't wait to see all that he and the boys have accomplished. Progress seems so slow when I am up there, but when I stay home it goes much quicker. ;-) Next, I will share what I have been busy doing! 


  1. Paydirt! Looks like you got yourself some Yarrow growing! It is a WONDERFUL herb with many practical uses. If you have trouble finding info on it fast enough to use it - let me know and I'll dig up some resources for you. You want to take advantage of the harvest and keep your eyes open for more!

    We just started harvesting some elderberries today! More of those to come too. Yippee!

  2. Yes the truck is soooo Jordan...what a great blessing. For him and for you (learning tool)...so YAY on the composting toilet!

  3. Chel, those flowers are yarrow. We have that here, too. The Latin is Achillea millefolium.

    I bet Jordan loves the truck! Tell him I give him congrats.

    The turbine is cool.

  4. It is so amazing what you are all doing. I enjoyed reading your post! I laughed when I saw the turbine--you must be glad to get that going! Thanks for sharing all the progress--I learn something (or more than one thing) every time you post!Hope you are feeling well and glad to see the kids having a great summer:)
    PS: thanks for stopping by my art post--I was glad to show Chris working--he is my stepson and a real love.)