Shabbat Plans

I had way too much on my plate to post this yesterday ~ Prep day was more than my usual as I was busy putting food by. I made a special trip to the farmer's market in Montana on Revii (with a friend!) and came home with plenty to keep me busy for several days. I made zucchini pickles and relish and dehydrated 9 trays of zucchini chips. I also realized as I started this post that I have not posted since my last meal plan and I am way overdue for an update on all that we have been up to! Soon.

This will be a quiet one. Luke, Jordan and Dylan are enjoying a peaceful day at our property in Montana and I am home with Nathan (my super helper), and the youngest two, Malachi and Eliana. We decided that too much needs done on both homefronts for us all to spend Luke's break week at the property. (He will be up there for 10 days working on the house timbering (building with wood) and lumbering (cutting and preparing forest timber) but I am sure he will not be lumbering about (moving in a slow, heavy, awkward way) ;p because he is a very hard worker. I hope he enjoys his rest today and has a very productive week this week. We have much to get done before winter. (Pardon my vocab lesson for the day).:p

We don't have any plans for today except to rest, read The Scriptures and enjoy our time as a family. It is cool this morning, if it warms up a little I will take the kids for a walk to the park. On our way to the park, we will drop off a jar of zucchini pickles to a family that is on my heart.


Erev: I made Summer Zucchini Casserole (my all time favorite comfort food! made with homemade cream of chicken soup and organic stuffing) and a Zucchini Soufflé. I topped it with fried green tomatoes, Panko bread crumbs, melted butter and fresh grated parmesan (the topping was my favorite part and gave it a yummy zip! cuz the casserole was bland)

Shabbat morning: We had Zucchini bread (Sue Gregg recipe).

Lunch and Dinner: Leftovers!


  • Cucumbers with lime juice and Real Salt (my current Summer fav)

  • Blonde Brownies (a friend made these for our Shavout picnic and I have wanted to make them since ~ this recipe is much better than the ones I made last week). I cut these into bars, saved a couple for us and put them in the freezer for the coming week. We will take food to Luke and the boys this Rivii and I know they will love these! 

Shabbat Shalom. =)

I am linking this to the Shabbat Shalom Link Up at Pebble Crossing. Read more to see how others are keeping Shabbat today. =)


  1. It sounds like you have had a very busy week! Weeks like that make the Sabbath rest that much sweeter. :-)
    I am reading as well-trying to not get behind for my next 10 days. I like to read on the computer (using eSword) and have to take a break every 1/2 hour or so, but I do find it easier to read because I can adjust the font for my over 40 eyes. :-P
    You have certainly been creative with your zucchini~I'll have to make the yellow squash/zucchini casserole that's my favorite and do a post. I do think I'll give your recipe a try too though--it certainly sounds yummy!
    Take care and enjoy your Sabbath rest.

  2. I miss having a farmers market, I love seeing all the wonderful assortment of things, and meeting new people! Thanks for the recipes, they all look great! Thanks for joining the Shabbat Link Up! I think it was allot of fun!
    Shabbat Shalom,

  3. Thanks so much for sharing on the Shabbat Shalom Link-up Michelle. So you live in Montana? It must be really cool. Where do you live extactly. How are the winters? We are feeling led to move hopefully to a homestead Yah willing and are praying for His will.

    Many blessings ~ Carmen

  4. And what a wonderful trip it was! Hey the casseroles look great, I will have try the new recipe twist to the one I posted....

    I pray Sabbath was restful...I took a nap...for two hours...LOL! Great post by the way! Love ya!