The Scriptures in 90 Days ~ Day 40 Check-In

The readings for this section: 2 Kings 18 - Ezekiel 10; completed 7/31 on day 30 of the challenge.

At this point I was 10 days ahead. I missed my reading on Shabbat, the 2 days it took us to get back from Idaho, the day after in which I was completely exhausted, the next day getting caught up around the house ~ which means I am on day 35 of the challenge and half way through the reading for day 41 ~ about 6 days ahead. I really liked the comfort of being 10 days ahead because the next few weeks will be very busy and then school starts.

In the last section, I read through Shemu'el 1 and 2 and Melakim (Kings) 1 and 2. In this section we begin reading through the major prophets and see the warnings that YHVH sent His people prior to letting them be carried away into captivity.  We also see prophetic writings for the coming of Messiah Yeshua.

I've been particularly interested in reading through the prophets because prior to this challenge I had been studying end time prophecy. Specifically, I was comparing the book of revelations to the book of Exodus (the end declared from the beginning). I had been reading Revelations as literal prophecy and while reading the major prophets, I have been wondering about duality of prophecy and whether the duality it is literal or figurative.

I have many page corners turned in Yeshayahu  ~ I'd have to re-read the whole book to comment on them! There were parts that were hard for me to read through and others that I loved. It goes back and forth from bad news to Good News.

YHVH spoke though Yirimayahu:

"Because they have forsaken my Torah which I set before them, and have not obeyed My voice, nor walked according to it."

This theme is repeated and apparent throughout both prophets.  Needless to say, I have been praying for the continued restoration of Yisrael and that eyes and ears would be opened to see and hear the Truth.

I'm off to finish my reading for today ~ I have an hour before everyone wakes up!