I have much to catch up on and it is early so this entry will be quite random.

On the road:

On our way to Idaho ~ watching a Signing Time DVD.

I put my bandana on her to keep the ear phones from falling out. Worked wonderfully. =)

In Nanie's camper trailer:

My favorite capture from the reunion.

Swimming Lessons:

Malachi and Eliana both finished up their 2nd session of swimming lessons for the summer. The Y is now closed for their annual weekly maintenance closing and I needed the break! But, I am so pleased with how well they did. Elli did level one again the first session, but moved up to level two with Malachi the second. She is progressing quickly, for her age. Malachi understands the skills and is trying so hard, but he is heavy. Literally. He is a solid boy and has a hard time keeping afloat. 

In other news:

Pamela at Home Shalom invited me to participate in her King's Daughter Interview Series. You can read my interview here.  The series is a neat way to get to know like-minded believers and I was blessed to participate (even though it was hard to answer questions about me!). 

I snapped this picture (sun burn and all) the day I sent in the interview so that I could send her a recent picture. I generally do not like my picture taken (or think that I am photogenic), but I am working on that. 

I updated my pregnancy journal at 20 weeks ~ the half way point! I am 22 weeks now and the weeks are flying by. I hope to update again at 24 weeks.

Luke and I had our 7th anniversary last month. I was going to do our yearly update, but the highlights of our year is on this blog! So, I was thinking of doing a year-in-review post instead. 

I have more to update, but I am having a hard time with this randomness. I like things to go together. I am terrible that way. I have been canning and it bothers me to process 5 wide mouthed canning jars and 2 regular. I'd rather they all be the same. Funny, huh?  I've noticed this a lot lately.   


  1. Congratulations on 22 weeks! Time flies! Happy 7th Anniversary also :)

  2. Hey I like your buttons... ;0)

    That is funny on the wide and reg mouth jars...LOL!

  3. The photo of Elli sleeping with her dolls is so precious. I enjoyed reading the interview. You are an inspiration!