Shabbat Meal Plans+

I have never been one to post weekly meal plans (I hardly ever plan more than a meal in advance and half the time I don't plan at all!), but I always plan ahead and prepare for Shabbat! I got the idea to share from Pamela at Home Shalom ~ she is posting her weekly Shabbat Meal Plans ~ and I thought I'd join in. =)

This Shabbat we will be in Idaho for a family reunion. All my prep work is done ahead of time and I am freezing goodies to take on the road and also food for our family while we are there. Since I had to plan for all three days, I will share what we are packing on the road with us ~ we {hopefully} won't eat out at all (but we may need to stop at the store on the way).

Here is what I am planning:

Prep day we will be driving all day!

Shishi {12 hour drive)



  • Peanut Butter and Jelly Tortilla Roll Ups

  • {Maybe grab some Kettle Chips from Costco?}

  • Fresh fruit

Erev Shabbat (the evening before Shabbat):



{Light} Lunch:

Frozen organic corn {thawing}, chopped zucchini, halved grape tomatoes , purple onion and fresh basil {from the garden} ~ to be topped with homeamde creamy italian dressing for Fresh Summer Corn Salad.


  • Family Reunion Picnic ~ eta: thank the Father for leftovers :-( 

Snacks for Shabbat and on the road:

'Course this may all be subject to change!

Shabbat Shalom!

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  1. I Love it! We will be doign the same next week as we go to OK to visit with dad and Grandpa for their birthdays and bring back a farm truck dad got for us on Craigs list! Very similar distance and very similar time I'm coming back to your menu to see if I can get some idea when I start planning tomorrow. :-) Thanks for posting! This is a blessing. I am looking forward to watching your weekly list. I love the recipe links too. I may start doing that too. :-)

    Shabbat Shalom, p