First Time to the Pool Summer 2010

We have had a wonderfully cool summer so far. We had two days that reached in the upper 90's last week and one day of 98 degrees in the shade (I heard it was over 100 that day!), but for the most part it has been in the mid 80's with lots of afternoon showers and thunderstorms. We even had a tornado one day last month, which is unusual for Wyoming.   

And we finally had a warm enough day to go to the pool! But, because it was so hot that day, we went to the evening session and enjoyed our time in a nice and quiet pool (not too crowded) and not too sunny. 

I stayed in the kiddie pool with Mali and Elli, but the boys eventually wandered over to play with them. Then they asked to take the little ones down the big slide.  At first Elli and Mali rode with a brother, but they they went on their own. It was such a kick to see little Elli go down the big slide all by herself! and then get out and head right back up the stairs to the slide! I had to keep reminding her to walk, not run!

The Frog Slide in the Kiddie Pool

Submarine rides with Nathan. 

What a cutey. =)

Officially ten years old this day! =) 

Elli on the big slide with Dylan. 

The Big Slide. 

Because she is so small, she flew down the slide and shot out so fast! Jordan had to stay at the bottom to catch Mali and Elli. 

He did a great job catching. 

I am so glad we went and even though I was completely worn out afterwards, it made for a fun summer memory. =)

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