Whole Grain Goodness

We started buying grains in bulk about 3 years ago. I pack the grain in a bucket with mylar and an oxygen absorber and then seal it up. Well, last week I opened the first bucket of wheat that I sealed. . .

. . . and found a surprise inside!

I packed the wheat with organic suckers. :D Some buckets have organic pudding mixes, but not every bucket has a treat. 

Grain is supposed to last a long time when stored properly. I was little nervous that 3 years had already passed, but I was not disappointed at all (yay!).

I started grinding the grains with the Country Living Mill when I started buying whole grain. Grinding wheat by hand was a daily chore that took too much time with all that we had going on when we moved, so we bought flour in bulk instead. Then, a couple summer's ago Luke's grandma gave us her very old electric grain mill. We had to replace the cord on it and now it works wonderfully ~ and it is so much easier!

Here is my grain mill station. The electric mill is behind the CLM.

The first thing I did was grind some rye for a sourdough starter. 

I like sourdough, but I don't love it. I made 3 loaves with 1/2 rye 1/2 wheat, but it was a little too sour for me.  This is my second time making a starter and I am content with just knowing how. But honestly, in hard times I would rather make unleavened bread. :p

So, I dug out my Sue Gregg cookbook and made Delicious Whole Grain Bread. This recipe still incorporates soaking the grain to release the phytates, so we still get the whole grain goodness but it does not sour. And I love it.

The kids and hubby love it too and it makes a lovely light, soft bread perfect for sandwiches or just spreading with butter. 

So, this is what will have to work for us for now. 

By the way, brownies are great with fresh ground whole wheat, too!

I was on a baking kick the other day (praise YHVH!) and made 2 triple batches of tortillas (one wheat/flour and the other corn/flour) and beans to go with. I also make 3 loaves of banana bread with a recipe that my sister gave me.  It was so yummy that I will have to share the recipe soon. =)


  1. Chel -
    1) I did stop by and entered your giveaway!
    2) I love soaking grains and your bread looks wonderful!
    3) The brownies....well the photo says it all!

    :) Get your feet you and drink some tea! Love ya!

  2. Wow, Michelle, that bread and those brownies look absolutely delicious! I know y'all enjoyed them:-). You are so amazing when it comes to bulk storage and cooking for your family!

  3. Uhmm...BTW, next time you're sitting down with nothing to do (LOL, yeah right)...do share the recipe for those brownies and your bread...looks wonderful. Always love seeing your photos...thinking of you often. :-) ~HUGS~ Kendra