Meet Ping {FI♥AR}

We will be rowing our first Five in a Row book this week. For our fun memory for The Story About Ping, by Marjorie Flack and Kurt Wiess, we raised a duckling and named it Ping.
Making our selection.
Bringing Ping home.
This is about the size Ping is in the story!

Ping has been so much fun to raise. He (we call it a he, but we are not sure!) is very social and did not like to be alone from the moment we brought him home. However, he bonded with our chickens and has become like a mother hen to them! They follow Ping around everywhere. If they get out, we only have to get Ping back in and the chickens will follow. Ping also quacks at the chickens if they get out and does not like to be alone. It is so funny to watch!

Ping is now full grown. It has been fun to raise a duck and we have learned a lot about ducks just from watching Ping grow. I have lots of fun learning activities planned for this story and hope to start this week, because in two weeks we are taking Ping to live with Nanie, the kids' great grandma. (It's a surprise!) She raises ducks and we think she will love Ping as much as we do.

I planned to do this first FIAR book before I decided to do Before Five in a Row. The activities are all planned out and will be geared mostly towards Malachi, but I have some fun planned for Eliana too. When we get back from our vacation (family reunion) I will hopefully share all that we did.

Delightful Links:

I found a copy of The Story About Ping online! I'll share more links in my next post.