For Today. . .

I am plugging away on my Scripture reading, but at more of a normal pace. =) It's hard to keep up when you start a project. :p I had to make space in my freezer so I made chokecherry juice with the chokecherries we picked last summer. Yes, I am just now getting to those! I made almost 2 gallons of juice! Then I tried to make syrup using sugar and honey but the first batch was terrible! Now I know why you can't find a recipe for chokecherry syrup using honey ~ it shouldn't be done. It tastes like honey lemon cherry cough syrup. :-( (I made 9 pints of that.) The 2nd batch I used only sugar and followed the recipe and it came out great. (10 pints of that) I am processing my 3rd batch now (12 half pints).  I bought frozen organic strawberries to make a triple berry jam (strawberry, raspberry, blueberry), and more raspberries to make raspberry jam. That will be enough jelly/syrup and jam! (Unless my peppers do well, and then I will make pepper jelly). =)  

My next project is to start my sourdough starter. If I start it today, it will be ready in one week. I'm excited to try a new sourdough bread recipe that looks much easier.

Also, if you are looking for an online version for The Scriptures, you can find it here

Hope you are having a great week! 


  1. Ok so you like totally made up all your 12 at a time for months...LOL. Yeah that perfectly describes the taste:)Love Ya!

  2. Can't believe you have that kind of energy during your first trimester. Glad you are able to put it to good use!