The Scriptures in 90 Days ~ Day 10 Check-In

It has really been a blessing to be spending so much time in the Word! I can't get enough of it and at times I am having a hard time putting it down. I will share a few things that stuck out to me beginning with a portion of the preface:

"This edition of The Scriptures, while attempting to be an accurate translation, seeks at the same time to introduce the reader to something of the Hebraic mindset and culture which are very much a part of the original. Indeed, we see this as absolutely necessary for the serious student of Scripture. The events of Scripture did not occur in the modern western world, with its Anglo-Hellenist mindset, but within the very different world of the ancient middle-east, and the Semitic mindset of the People of Yisrae'el. " p. -xi-
This is why I want to read this version. =)

With this in mind, here is what stuck out to me in this first section of reading ~ Genesis 1 through Leviticus 25:

  • "the lights in the expanse of the heavens were for signs and appointed times, and for days and years" (Gen 1:14) ~ interesting that in other versions it says "for signs and seasons". When I think of appointed times, I think of the Feasts and the Feasts are indeed marked by new moons. (For example, "This new moon is the beginning of new moons for you, it the first new moon of the year for you. . . on the tenth day of this new moon . . " (Ex. 12:2-3) and then Passover instructions are given. 

  • In fact, months were called new moons

  • "Is it not if you do good, you are to be accepted? And if you do not do good, towards the door is sin." (Gen 4:7) Paul defined sin as a transgression of Torah (the law). Obviously, a law existed before Moses and a law exists today

  • Alters are "slaughtering places" 

  • The names in Hebrew are confusing! But if you say it out loud, you can often guess it. For example, Cain is Qayin. Other Hebrew terms are obvious by their use ~ ". . . the nahash was more crafty than all the lives of the field. . . and he said to the woman. . . " ~ it's easy to tell that nahash is the serpent.

  • "And Abraham called the name of the place 'YHVH Yireh' as it is said to this day, "On the mountain YHVH provides." (Gen 22:14) ~ Loved seeing the Hebrew in this verse. 

  • How many times Torah or Torot is used in Genesis ". . . because Abraham obeyed My voice and guarded My Charge: My commands, My laws, and My Torot." (Gen 26:5) {Torot = plural of Torah, teaching} 

  • The story of Yoseph ~ I cry every time I read it. The tears started in chapter 42 and I cried to the end of chapter 45. Love, love, love the story and how amazingly our Father works. 

  • The whole purpose of the Torah was to create a set-apart nation. I am amazed at how often this is repeated and stressed in this section. 

"Guard My Sabbaths. . .Guard My laws and all My right-rulings, and do them. . . And you shall set yourselves apart and shall be set-apart, for I am YHVH your Elohim, and you shall guard My laws and do them. I am YHVH who sets you apart. . . and you shall be set apart to Me, for I YHVH am set apart, and have separated you from the peoples to be Mine . . . For I, YHVH, setting you apart, am set apart" (Ex 19 - 21)
My husband and I were recently asked in what way our walk has changed the most since we began following Torah and my answer is that Torah has set us apart to Him. 

  • How many times He says "forever," such as ". . . a law to you forever." Forever means forever! 

  • How much the 7th day Sabbath is stressed (and how to keep it) ~ over and over and over. . . that means something.

I'm happy to say that I have not been very good about following my own schedule. :p I read the first section in 4 days and I have not only passed the 10 day mark, I have passed the 20 day mark as well and finished day 22 today. 


  1. thankyou for this wonderful post Michelle! I'm not ready for my 10 day check in yet...but wanted to let you know that I LOVE knowing that you and others are reading the same Scriptures together! Thank you for your insights. Yes, I too love seeing His Name there, and all the Hebrew helps with the washing of my oh so very Greek brain :-)

    ahav to you!


  2. I really am gleaning from your reports on this. Is this available online to read? I'm reading the 90-day Bible challenge right now again for the 2nd time this year, but I'd love to do this, too.

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. I truly have enjoyed reading this translation, blessings and missed tid-bits abound. :) Keep going!

  4. I definately enjoyed this! Thanks so much for taking the time to post! Great job Chel! :-)

    Love & Hugs to You and your family!

  5. Oh, what a great idea Michelle, I should have jumped on board with you at the beginning of the month. I bought The Scriptures a couple of months ago and so far have just used it in Scripture study and comparison with the KJV. I don't know though, for me, 13.5 pgs. a day still seems alot as I'm such a slow reader - I take too much time thinking on things as I read. I read through my KJ every year + doing a lot of Bible with the girls + my other Bible Studies and that is about all I can handle right now. Maybe I'll just have to sit down and read through The Scriptures on my own.

    Wishing you the Best!

  6. What a great post! I am amazed, and I love this translation. It is as if Father has given me a new set of eyes... I believe (hope) I am continuing to see thoughts as they were intended to be seen. Not lost in translation, if you know what I mean. I am also encouraged as there are others that are reading and learning at about the same point in Scripture as I... just knowing that brings shalom, as at times this walk gets lonely. Thank you for putting this together. I look forward to your next update :D