The Scriptures in 90 Days Schedule

I am having my macbook shipped fed-ex to be serviced today. The turn around time is "3-5 days", and of course, all my files are on this computer. :p So, I am uploading the S90 schedule for anyone else who wants to read along with us. The list is growing! and I will update it at the first 10-day check-in on 7/14. It is never too late to start and you are always welcome to come back and check in when you make it to the 10 day check-in mark.


If you would like to host the 2nd check-in, please leave me a comment and let me know! It would be fun to take turns. =)

So, how are you all doing?

I'll be honest, I was so sure that I wouldn't be able to do it, that I have been reading like crazy to get ahead ~ and I am way ahead of schedule.

A few more things I've noticed:

  • It is much easier to read without all the daily distractions (like email, blog reading, internet, etc.) when you are camping in the mountains. It is also much easier to get up early to read when the sun wakes you up. =)

  • Sabbath is a great day to get ahead! 

  • During the week, I don't sit and read the whole section at one time. I read a chapter or 2 while I am eating breakfast or lunch. Mali and Elli are taking swim lessons, so I try to get there 5 minutes early so I have 30 minutes of uninterrupted reading while they swim. And then I finish up in the evening. 

Be blessed. =)


  1. thanks for the tips on finding moments to read! I must admit I haven't started yet! Praise Yah for Shabbat coming tommorrow! I'm not overly concerned with this first 10 day block though as I've only just recently read these chapters in the last few months...but I will catch up as soon as humanly possible!

  2. Michelle, Maybe I need to be doing this too. And if i don't have time to read, I'll pop in the bible on cd and knit some dishclothes (using your pattern) which we so desparately need as mine are falling apart.

    I'd be glad to host if you need someone, just let me know what I need to do.

    blessings in Messiah

  3. I really like you schedule, I might print this off for our school year this fall.....Thank you Chel!

  4. So glad you are doing this again. I'm struggling. Can I come up to the mountains with you? I read to Omi for a long time yesterday!