First Knitted Booties

Ready for the cast off.

Ready to sew the seams.

Newborn Booties.

Two at a time.

0-6 Month Baby Booties.

I found this Easy Knitted Booties pattern at Ravelry. I used worsted weight 100% cotton yarn, 3.75 mm (size 5) needles for the first pair and 5.0 mm (size 8) needles for the second pair. Super simple (except for the binding off in ribbing part) and fairly quick.  Feels good to be knitting for baby. *Ü*


  1. Awesome! You did a great job!
    I keep seeing people knitting around the web and it is making me wish I knew how to do it. One of these days...

  2. Oh, so tiny. You did an excellent job mama =o) Counting down, and praying Father's grace and favor for you, my sweet friend :D

    Love you!

  3. These are so sweet Michelle! I know you can hardly wait to see them on your new baby:-). You did an amazing job!

    So glad to see you blogging here again:-)!!

  4. oh so sweet! YOu did a great job!!
    I know your enjoying it! Raverey has great pattern selection...


  5. They are adorable :) You've done a beautiful job :)
    Lusi x